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Every 2nd Tuesday of the month

Panera Bread

3560 Riverside Plaza Dr STE 410 · Riverside, CA

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I'll be trying to hold a large table. If you are new, look for people that look like atheists. LOL

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Our regular group meeting will be the second Tuesday nights of each month. Come join your old friends and make some new ones while we help improve our community together.

We're firming up our second event for Halloween now with Olivecrest. Planning will begin at this meeting.

It is a myth that religious people support more charitable works than others. A study by the National Study of American Religious Giving released a report in 2013 that stated that nearly 75% of charitable giving by all Americans…benefits places of worship and faith-based charities. A lot of the money isn’t helping the poor and less fortunate. It’s going to the church.

We, Humanists, know that it is a myth that we are a bunch of intellectual nihilists who have turned our backs on humanity. Even though many of our members participate individually in various community charity work as well as monetary donations, lets help dispel this negative stereotype together as a community. Not only will we improve the lives of others, but we will also improve our own lives and wellbeing.

As Humanists, we have an opportunity to make a difference in our communities, without depending on the long-term charitable scaffolding of the religious to do so. We can come together and help those invisible kids in our community who are in Foster Care, particularly group homes and we can do it without trying to brainwash children to fear a non-existent Hell and a deity that watches every move and knows your thoughts. We can combine forces with groups like ours all over Southern California to hold these events at the same time. It could become something that, “the atheists do every year” and you can be part of that initial work.

Helping Foster Children fits so many of our Humanist values, especially now when so much value is being placed on the tissue of a fetus and so little on living children. What we do now for children who are lost and scared will benefit generations to come.

IF you are a foster parent now or have been in the past, please let us know in the comment section below. Your insight would be greatly appreciated.