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Sunday 5E D&D Game
(As a Note there is now a Sunday D&D Group Telegram) 5th Edition House Rules Character Generation: All the Characters will be generated during the first session. You can use one of the following methods of Character Attribute Generation, please nothing lower than 8 and higher than 18 even after Racial Adjustments at 1st level. 1] Base Attribute Line will be: 16,14,13,12,11,10. 2] The Points-Buy System: All stats start at 8 and you have 32 points to adjust the Attributes as per Page 13 of the PHB (Players Hand Book) 3] Rolling: Roll 4d6, Re-Rolling 1s and take the best 3. These will be rolled in front of me and you get one shot at it and you get what you get. Money and Gear: Starting wealth and Equipment will be handled a little different. 1] You only get the Equipment you get from your chosen Background and Class. You get none of the money from Starting Wealth from Class as described on Page 143 of the PHB. 2] You start with a mount from the following list. All mounts start with all its required tack and Saddle Bags. Donkey Draft Horse Mastiff (Must be a Small Race) Mule Pony Riding Horse War Horse (With Military Saddle, but must have taken the Noble or Soldier Background.) 3] Special Equipment: You can start with one choice from the following list. Alchemist Fire x2 Anti-Toxin x2 Ever-Burning Torch Healer’s Kit x5 Holly Water x4 Potion of Animal Friendship x1 Potion of Climbing x2 Potion of Fire Breath x1 Potion of Greater Healing [4d4+4] x1 Potion of Growth x1 Potion of Healing [2d4+2] x2 Potion of Hill Giant Strength (21) x1 Potion of Resistance (Choice) x1 Potion of Water Breathing x1 Scroll {Cantrip} (Choice) x4 Scroll {1st Level} (Choice) x3 Scroll {2nd Level} (Choice) x2 Scroll {3rd Level} (Choice) x1 Silvered Weapon or Ammunition 4] If you want to start with a Pistol or Musket you can. It must be bought with your Class Starting Equipment and counts as ‘Any Martial Weapon’ Choice. You can also trade out any Bow for one. Each Choice give you one Pistol of Musket that you are Proficient in along with 20 Shots. 5] All starting Equipment will be sized for you if it is needed. Trading out Equipment and Scrolls: You can trade in any normal piece of Equipment for it cost. 1] You can not trade out Your mount, Special Equipment or Firearms. 2] Any Scrolls you have not had the time to transfer them to your Spellbook yet if you have such an ability. Remember it cost 2 hours and 50 gp for each level of the spell as per Page 114 of the PHB.

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The IEGA [Inland Empire Gamers Association]
This is a Group dedicated to gaming of all types of Table Top and Pen and Paper, Miniature and Role Playing Game. Mostly I want arrange aging in the Western Riverside Aria of Southern California, But we are willing to are willing to other arias of the IE.
The Miniatures we will focus on are Axis & Allies Miniatures, Battlefield: Evolution, BattleTech, D&D Miniatures, Halo Clicks, Star Fleet Battles, and WH40k
The RPGs will focus on D&D, D20 Modern, Iron Claw/Jade Claw/Furry Outlaws, Shadowrun-4, Weird Gear Krieg Wars

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