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Inland Empire Meet and Greet and a Movie!!!
Inland Empire Meet and Greet and a Movie!!! Here we go with a major change for the My Little Pony Meet and Greet, now it is the Inland Empire My Little Pony Meet And Greet. The Plan: We meet at the Galleria at Tyler Food Court for Lunch. Then head off to see a Movie. What Movie...Who Cares! {Unless a really good one is out} Hope to see you there! 1299 Galleria at Tyler Riverside, CA 92503 AMC Tyler Galleria[masked] Tyler St Riverside, CA 92503

AMC 16 Movie Theater at theTyler Galleria

3775 Tyler St · Riverside, CA

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The IEGA [Inland Empire Gamers Association]
This is a Group dedicated to gaming of all types of Table Top and Pen and Paper, Miniature and Role Playing Game. Mostly I want arrange aging in the Western Riverside Aria of Southern California, But we are willing to are willing to other arias of the IE.
The Miniatures we will focus on are Axis & Allies Miniatures, Battlefield: Evolution, BattleTech, D&D Miniatures, Halo Clicks, Star Fleet Battles, and WH40k
The RPGs will focus on D&D, D20 Modern, Iron Claw/Jade Claw/Furry Outlaws, Shadowrun-4, Weird Gear Krieg Wars

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