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    There's a good number of South Americans (Argentina, Peru, Venezuela, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay) living in the Inland Empire. This meetup group has the quality of offering a mean to get together and make new friends with similar backgrounds

    .Everyone is invited to join us, even when they are not Latin or South American as long as they have an interest in learning about this rich culture.

    Your ideas for new fun events are welcome! Write in English or Spanish.

    Important Note: This and all Meetup groups are created so its members actually meet in person. When you join us, please keep this in mind and be ready to make time for our meetings. I'm glad you are part of our group!

    We do not discriminate against anyone for their race or country of origin. Everyone with a friendly attitude is welcome to join us!

    Habemos muchos Sur Americanos (Argentinos, Brasileros, Bolivianos, Chilenos, Colombianos, Ecuatorianos, Paraguayos, Peruanos, Uruguayos) en California y con el propósito de compartir nuestros intereses similares y recordar las cosas lindas de nuestros países, hemos formado este grupo.

    Usted no tiene que ser latino o Suramericano para unirse a nosotros, pero si debe tener interés en conocernos y apreciar nuestras costumbres.

    No descriminamos a nadie, no separamos si no unimos.

    Un hermano puede no ser un amigo, pero un amigo será siempre un hermano
    --Benjamin Franklin


    “ If you enjoy having a great time among friends you should join us! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Si les gusta pasarla bien entre amigos, usted debe unirse a nosotors! ”

    — Carmen ( on May 15, 2010.

    South Americans & Friends

    “ This is a great group of people!! ”

    — Edwin ( on Mar 25, 2012.

    South Americans & Friends

    “ Me siento afortunada de estar en este grupo. Me senti bienvenida y con confianza en buan compania. Arriba Southamericans! ”

    — Anna ( on Mar 25, 2012.

    South Americans & Friends

    “ I tell everyone about them, almost everyone. ”

    — Joseph Kaplan ( on Nov 28, 2011.

    South Americans & Friends

    “ Had a fantastic time yesterday!!!! Great to see old and new friends and loved all the entertainment... can't wait for the next event! ”

    — MAIRI GILBERTSON ( on Nov 28, 2011.

    South Americans & Friends

    “ Very nice group of people, friendly and welcoming ”

    — Lyda Del Toro ( on Nov 21, 2011.

    South Americans & Friends

    “ We have such talented members in this group. Pete, Ron, Peach, Mike and Jorge surprised us all with their talented experiences with their instruments. Such an enjoyable evening listening to the music and singing along with everyone. Then Henry entertained us with his incredible magic tricks and impressed everyone. As the evening was winding down. Jorge surprised us once again with his delightful dishes of pasta, polish sausage, rice and vegetables ... mmmm good. Life doesn't get any better then this when you are surrounded by the best of the best ... thanks guys !! ”

    — Aida ( on Oct 11, 2011.

    South Americans & Friends

    “ This group and TIES are GOOD PEOPLE!! ”

    — Steve Hackney ( on Sep 18, 2011.

    South Americans & Friends

    “ Para compartir con gente que posiblemente tiene ansias de mayor actividad social, como se acostumbra en nuestros paises. ”

    — Frank ( on Mar 14, 2011.

    South Americans & Friends

    “ We are having great fun in a respectable, friendly atmosphere. You don't feel out of place and unsafe. ”

    — Bruce ( on Jan 1, 2011.

    South Americans & Friends

    “ They are great friends!, Is like having another family... Thanks to everybody to make me feel always happy!and Thank you Carmen because you are such a wonderful friend and's been far my best times in the last year. ”

    — Vero ( on Sep 30, 2010.

    South Americans & Friends

    “ La gente de este grupo tiene buen humor y es positiva...¿Qué más se puede pedir de la gente que te acompaña? ”

    — Jorge ( on Aug 15, 2010.

    South Americans & Friends

    “ had a great time getting to know others in the group and dancing! ”

    — pilarcita ( on Jul 13, 2010.

    South Americans & Friends

    “ There was a diversity of people. Everyone was outgoing and friendly. I met a few people that live close to me that I would like to get to know better. ”

    — Alex Vargas ( on Jul 10, 2010.

    South Americans & Friends

    “ This group of people is warm, caring and fun. ”

    — georgette ( on Jul 2, 2010.

    South Americans & Friends

    “ :-D ”

    — Owen Chang ( on Jun 27, 2010.

    South Americans & Friends

    “ Awesome and good-spirited people ”

    — Chasikya ( on Jun 21, 2010.

    South Americans & Friends

    “ If you are from South American or interested in the culture great place to get to know some very nice people. ”

    — Sonia ( on Mar 14, 2010.

    South Americans & Friends

    “ Like I said, it is fun, meet people, and have a great time. that's why. ”

    — roberto ( on Jan 9, 2010.

    South Americans & Friends

    “ Because it's fun and everyone is always happy to go to the meetings. ”

    — Carlos ( on Sep 1, 2009.

    South Americans & Friends

    “ They are very welcoming and classy. ”

    — Sandy ( on Aug 1, 2009.

    South Americans & Friends

    “ Great fun! ”

    — TRACI ( on Aug 1, 2009.

    South Americans & Friends

    “ Short of exploring South American in person, what better way to get to know some of the culture than from a friendly group of people who've lived it? ”

    — James ( on Jun 28, 2009.

    South Americans & Friends

    “ because we I think we are a mixture of people with a good vibe and very decent. We respect each other and are eager to share our knowledge about our culture. ”

    — jennifer flores ( on May 31, 2009.

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