IGDA NH Presents: Trevor Stricker - Games for Mental Health


Games can be used for more than entertainment, and every day companies are finding creative new ways to use games to make real, positive impact on people's lives. After years in the AAA and Indie game space, Trevor Stricker helped start Mightier to help children struggling with behavioral issues with the power of video games. In this talk, learn about the key skills and abilities that can be used in making games for mental health.

Trevor started making games on the Dreamcast (when games came on disks). He spent a decade making console games like NBA 2K and Panzer Dragoon Orta in roles from coffee fetcher to designer to lead programmer. He was in charge of development for Quickhit NFL Football, an early F2P online game that raised VC, signed the NFL, and sold to a publisher. After that he founded Disco Pixel, where his love of rhythm games drummed up Jungle Rumble for PlayStation Vita and iOS. Currently, he's Vice President of Technology at Neuromotion.