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Dear San Francisco IGDA Members,

We are thrilled to announce our speakers for our micro-talk event taking place at Autodesk on Wednesday, June 5th at 7PM. In no particular order, our speakers will be:

Name: Tim Keenan

Title: Naked Development: exposing ur junk early & often

Description: Our natural inclination as game developers is to wait to show our work until we have something worth showing. This talk claims that you always have something worth showing. You make games and that's amazing! While not a shoe that fits on any foot, showing your work early and often may fit yours.

Bio: Tim and his wife Holly founded Misfits Attic shortly after getting married. They had a daughter during production of 'A Virus Named TOM' because they felt the stress of running an independent game studio wasn't enough of a challenge.
Tim worked on Console Games for PS2 and Xbox (such as Splashdown and ATV Offroad fury 2) at Rainbow Studios before becoming an FX Developer/Artist (IMDB) for Animated Movies (such as Shrek 2, Madagascar, and How to Train Your Dragon) at Dreamworks Animation. Tim also worked as a designer and architect for several future generation pipelines and applications, and has worked in clothing, character effects, and as a Technical Director.

Name:Ethan Kennerly

Talk title: A bit of drama

Description: An agile approach to making a fun game is to dissect the experience into a dramatic arc. Each sprint, deliver observable progress toward one targeted emotion.

Bio: During eight years, Ethan Kennerly has developed games for 20th Century Fox, Nexon, TableStar, Sony, and now Lumosity. He received an MFA from USC School of Cinematic Arts. http://www.linkedin.com/in/kennerly


Name:Andrew Maximov

Title:"How Much Is Enough For Beauty?"

Description:Every game has shapes, every game has colors, every game has lights. Why isn't every game drop-dead gorgeous? Join us as we dissect beauty in games, describe the specific factors that contribute to it, and explain how beauty is perceived in the brain of your audience. Empower yourself and your team by knowing how to strategically put your effort where it matters most. Beauty, unlike detail, is free! Know it, use it, share it. Let's make every pixel count! In the light of upcoming new generation the question of where to put your effort has never been more prevalent.

Bio:Hi I'm Andrew, originally from Belarus, I started doing games at Wargaming.net on Order of War consecutively becoming one of the first artists on World of Tanks. After that I did outsourcing for a while including for the San Francisco-based Unknown Worlds, eventually finding myself in Montreal working at gameloft. After a short stint there I moved to San Francisco which I'm very excited about :D I've been writing papers, doing talks and working my but off to push the boundaries of personal portfolio projects for years now. Feel free to get acquainted with all that and more on my website: ArtIsAVerb.info Looking forward to meeting you all :)

Name: David Wessman

Talk title: Learning by Doing: Teaching Game Design by Making Games

Description: Professor Wessman worked in the game industry from 1991 to 2008, and for the last 5 years was an instructor at the University of Advancing Technology. He is now back in the industry and wants to share the best practices and lessons learned in preparing the next generation of game designers for success.

Bio: http://www.linkedin.com/in/wessmaniac/


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The Autodesk Gallery at One Market
1 Market St., 2nd floor,
San Francisco CA[masked]http://usa.autodesk.com/gallery/visit-us/

-The San Francisco IGDA Organizers-

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