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Dear San Francisco IGDA Members,

We are thrilled to present the following speakers at our upcoming Microtalk Event taking place on Wednesday, September 2nd at 7pm. In no particular order, our speakers will be:

Name: Jen Helms

Bio/linked-in URL: Jen is a co-founder of Playmation Studios. At Playmation Studios we are on a mission to get people to think and play in new ways. We have two game titles so far. Stagecraft is a puzzle game for learning foreign languages in an immersive sandbox style game. Our newest game, Sleep Furiously, is a word game in which players connect words from a jumbled grid in order to form grammatically correct sentences. Jen used to teach science education through real-world games and immersion in Yosemite National Park.

Talk title:Bridging the gap between game design and educational games

Description:In this talk we’ll take a look at the educational games landscape and examine what makes an educational game great and where most educational games fall short. Next we'll talk about some key questions to ask while designing educational games and the similarities with all great game design.


Name: Rosstin Murphy

Bio/linked-in URL:

Talk title: Finish Your Game!

Description: Advice for indies on how to finish and release their first game


Name:Travlyn (Vaughn) Langendorff

Bio/linked-in URL:

Talk Title: When Worlds Collide: Incorporating "Hard Core" Mechanics into Casual Games

Description: This talk is a brief overview of how mechanics from Hard Core and Casual Games are cross pollinating with each other. I will review the advantages and challenges of incorporating what are considered hard core mechanics into casual games.


Name: Stephen Sullivan

Bio/linked-in URL: Stephen Sullivan is Director of Product Management at Chartboost, the largest technology platform powering the business of mobile games, In his current role, he oversees new product development, business strategy, and go to market execution. He was previously an Executive Producer and Senior Product Manager at Zynga and founded his own indie gaming startup, Playnomi. Stephen holds an MBA from MIT and a BS in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from Seattle University.

Talk title: Why ARPDAU is your most important ad publishing metric

Description: Many developers are thinking about their ad monetization strategy the wrong way. As someone that has run game studios and ad networks, I am going to cover the right way to maximize your studio's chance of success. It's not all about eCPM. Its about maximizing revenue through a combination of fill rate, retention, and eCPM optimization. You can balance player experience with the right monetization strategy for success.


Name: David Sarno

Bio/linked-in URL:

Talk title: Bringing the Real World to Life Through Game Technology

Description: Over the last 40 years, the videogame industry has gone from Pong -- two dots and a line sliding across a screen -- to huge, beautiful, living worlds that can manifest just about any fantasy. But now we can takes these powerful storytelling tools and aim them at reality: allowing the user to explore the inside of the human body, great events in history, or the underground workings of an oil tanker. I like to say an interactive graphic can be worth a thousand pictures.

Take this interactive explanation of fracking (, or this interactive explanation of heart surgery for Stanford Children's Hospital, both by my company. The potential for explaining the world of healthcare is immense -- our bodies are giant, living, interactive 3D organisms that few of us can fully picture or grasp -- being able to explore them visually can permanently change that.

As a former longtime technology journalist at the Los Angeles Times, with degrees in computer science and creative writing, I see this avenue as the nexus of journalism, technology and storytelling, and it's been a passion of mine to spread the gospel of interactive 3D graphics through the healthcare world. It's still largely untrod territory -- ripe for trailblazing.


Name: Marta Daglow

Bio/linked-in URL: (

Marta Daglow is a global independent recruiter who helps social, mobile and console game companies ​ship hit games​ by introducing top people at all levels of the organization. Her understanding of the games/software space and how businesses are organized has

​given her ​unique insights on introducing the right people to the right companies. She has placed hundreds of people in console, mobile and social game companies in the US and across the Globe.

Talk title:

10 Ways to Brand Yourself

Description: Do you know what it really means to brand yourself? In this talk, you’ll learn 10 ways in how your personal brand can help you grow and strengthen the image people have of you.

​Y​ou are a brand – you are a business of one. Every successful business makes annual marketing goals. As a personal business you want to do this for you.


Name: Clifton Dawson

Bio/linked-in URL:

Talk title: The Current State of the Virtual Reality Industry & What Game Developers Need Know

Description: Consumers are eagerly awaiting 2016 to arrive when competing technology companies will release their VR initiatives. As the leading market intelligence company for the virtual reality industry, Greenlight VR will detail key growth trends in the industry and preliminary results from its annual survey about consumer expectations.


The Autodesk Gallery at One Market
1 Market St., 2nd floor,
San Francisco CA[masked]

-The San Francisco IGDA Organizers-

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