July Game Developers Meetup (IGDARI GAME JAM KICKOFF)


IGDA Rhode Island is back at Pizza J for our July meetup and we will be kicking off a month long Game Jam. Come down Pizza J 967 Westminster St, in Providence bring your pitch, early, prototype, try to connect with a team, or just continue the conversation about Game Development with our group of developers in the region.

The Theme for the IGDARI Game Jam is "Small" and you can get started now. The only rule is to bring whatever you make utilizing the theme to the August Meetup next month. All prior work you have done can be used and will not be considered "Cheating". Just keep it small!

We have already begun discussing the Game Jam on our Discord server. So feel free to get ahead and jump in. Use the link below and we look forward to seeing you Monday.