• Two Workshops: Clustering & NLP @Amdoc, Raanana (A day before the Summit)

    Two Workshops: Clustering & NLP @Amdoc, Raanana Clustering Algorithms: Practicing and Case Studies by Prof. Moshe BenBassat NLP Workshop by Gilli Shama Chief Data Scientist AI Center of Excellence atomIQ | Amdocs Global Smart Operations By: Gilli Shama Chief Data Scientist, Amdocs Global Smart Operations Yuval Feinstein Freelance NLP, Machine Learning and Search Consultant Yaniv Avrashi Data Scientist, Amdocs Global Smart Operations For the information and registration: https://events.bizzabo.com/dsworkshops/home

  • Scaling Cloud Operations in China | Alibaba + AppsFlyer

    Details AppsFlyer is hosting Alibaba Cloud where they will be presenting two sessions on cloud operations in China. If you are looking to learn how to get started with cloud operations in China, or to improve performance & latency - join us! Agenda: 18:00 - Gathering 18:15 - Enter the dragon: What I have learned by trying to reduce latency from China | Ariel Moskovich AppsFlyer holds a significant market share for mobile attribution at China. One of my major tasks at 2018, was to improve availability & reduce latency for our customers and partners. This is my journey tail for walking this path. At this talk i will cover: - Hurdles for China traffic - Designing a POC to define what is the major pain point - Analyzing requests and understanding what happens under the hood - Domains, registrar's and DNS providers in China - ICP licensing - Alicloud best practices for shipping traffic outside 19:00 - 11.11 Case Study, Building Alibaba Cloud for Scale, Antoine Vaissié 11.11 (Bachelor's Day) is the Chinese equivalent of Black Friday, just at XScale - with an exponentially larger buying audience in China. This talk will dive into the technology that powers this complex operations - including Alibaba Cloud's solution to enable cross-border support, built on secure and scalable infrastructure. This will dive into the different use cases, and how the Alibaba Cloud has had to evolve to be able to support the diversity of scenarios the cloud is being leveraged for across China and across borders. ****PIZZAS & BEERS FOR ALL**** Bios: Ariel Moskovich Ariel is a dedicated operations engineer with more than 20 years of experience in high scale and live production environments. He is currently the Chief Infrastructure Architect at AppsFlyer, the world's leading mobile attribution & marketing analytics platform. At AppsFlyer, Ariel has built a team that is running high scale multi-cloud operation, which serves over 70 billion events per day. Previously, he worked as a Senior Operation Engineer at the most challenging environments of Outbrain and Orbitz. Ariel is married to a wonderful wife, and a survivor of three demanding yet sweet kids. Antoine Vaissié Antoine is a cloud computing executive who started his career with Google Cloud (3 years), to Amazon Web Services (3 years) to Alibaba Cloud where he currently works. He is part of a small ‘seed’ team (5 sales makers) based in Paris but covering the whole of southern Europe and is often in Israel. His experience gives him great perspective on multi-cloud strategies for enterprises.

  • When Hyperledger met Kubernetes - Blockchain Technology Partners

    When Hyperledger met Kubernetes Pizza, drinks & meeting are sponsored by Intel Duncan Johnston-Watt, CEO, Blockchain Technology Partners Guy Itzhaki, Head of Blockchain Ecosystem Enablement, Intel Corporation A hot topic at the Hyperledger Member Summit in Montreal back in October 2018 was the idea of standardizing on Kubernetes as the runtime container orchestration platform of choice for all projects. This was a recognition of a trend that was already well underway as exemplified by the work of Hyperledger member companies like Monax and Blockchain Technology Partners. Fast forward to the Hyperledger Global Forum in Basel in December 2018 and there were a number of presentations and workshops focusing on this topic including contributions from Monax and Blockchain Technology Partners. In this Intel sponsored talk we look at the rationale behind this and why "When Hyperledger met Kubernetes" has all the makings of a classic movie. To illustrate this we focus on Hyperledger Sawtooth. Originally contributed to the Hyperledger foundation by Intel, Hyperledger Sawtooth is rapidly becoming the open source blockchain framework of choice. 18:00 Networking 18:30 Opening Remarks 18:40 Introducing Hyperledger (https://hyperledger.org) 18:50 Introducing CNCF (https://cncf.io) 19:00 Running Hyperledger Sawtooth in Production 19:30 Sextant Demo 19:45 Discussion 20:00 Networking About Blockchain Technology Partners (https://blockchaintp.com) Our mission is to radically simplify enterprise adoption of blockchain technologies by providing Sextant™ - a blockchain management platform that delivers one-click deployment of enterprise-grade Hyperledger Sawtooth networks, utilizing a BTP curated distribution, running on Kubernetes in the cloud. For more information https://blockchaintp.com/sextant

  • Digital Transformation of Digital Enterprise risks, best practices and use cases

    Companies have always relied on technology to improve productivity and innovate on business outcomes. These days, we see continuous massive growth of technologies such as mobile, social media and big data, creating both exciting opportunities and disruptive threats for most enterprises. Come and learn from the experts at the first meetup in a series about what it means to be a Digital enterprise. In our first meetup we will discuss digital transformation - risks, best practices, and use cases. Agenda 17:30- 18:00 Digital Transformation - Overview Daniel Yellin, PhD,VP Mobile, IBM Cloud, Distinguished Engineer, Director, Israel Software Lab Companies all over the world are intent on adapting to the new digital world, attracting business through digital channels, providing new online products and services, and creating or participating in new Internet-wide ecosystems. This requires both cultural change within the organization, as well as creating a digital enterprise platform to interact with customers, partners, and employees. We briefly describe the driving forces for digital transformation, and the technologies that form the basis of emerging digital platforms. 18:00- 18:30 Do the Right things, Do the things Right, Do it Right the first time Tal Shahar, Banking and Financial Services Sector Manager, Global Business Services Digital is the new holy grail. The battleground between companies has moved from the physical world to the Digital one and Transformation is the Enabler for winning the Digital Era. But organizations have major challenges adapting and transforming. Any big transformation encapsulates big risks. These risks, unless well managed, might even threaten the survivability of the business. Our challenge is to plan the right transformation to win in the Digital Era. In this talk we will discuss these challenges and the path to successful transformation. 18:30- 19:00 Digital and Modern, Safe and Secure Amos Marom, VP i2 & Trusteer A look from inside on digital transformation at retail banks Mobile first, PSD2 Effect on CSAT, TTM, Security, ECO system Effect on customers and employeer 19:00- 19:30 Enabling Digital Transformation through Conversational Interactions Segev Wasserkrug, Ph.D., Watson Assistant Solutions Lead Architect, Senior Technical Staff Member, Cognitive IoT & BAO Leader, IBM Research Lab Conversational systems are not only a much more convenient way for us to interact with computer systems, but can significantly transform the effectiveness and efficiency with which we interact with such systems. They allow us to quickly, easily and naturally navigate through complex processes, sift through huge amounts of data to obtain insights meaningful to us, and easily perform everyday tasks. However, to truly come into their own, these systems should be personalized to us, proactive, and be able to incorporate complex reasoning tasks. In this talk, through real world stories and examples, I will present how IBM's set of products, services, and research capabilities are set to enable such conversationally driven transformation. I will provide details on the advanced proactive, personalization, and reasoning features - transforming both personal and business interactions. The event is free but requires registration, The lectures will be in Hebrew and English. Paid parking in nearby parking lots.

  • How Cloud Computing, Open Source, AI and ML will change the economy

    Azrieli Academic College of Engineering - Jerusalem

    How Cloud Computing, Open Source, AI and ML will change the economy By Dr. Robert B. Cohen, Senior Fellow, Economic Strategy Institute and Director of Project on the Impact of AI and ML on the U.S. Economy. https://www.linkedin.com/in/robertcohen2008/ This talk examines some of the main trends that have built upon the shift to cloud computing. They include the wider use of containers/Docker, Kubernetes and tools such as TensorFlow and Flink. The talk demonstrates how new ways to build on cloud technology are resulting in time and cost savings, faster processing of data and expansion of business. I will review results for some industries and link them to firm-level case studies. One point for discussion is whether Netflix’s model for disrupting the distribution of video may provide a more generalizable model for industry disruption in areas such as healthcare, autos and finance. I’ll also discuss how changes the way firms use cloud computing is changing jobs and the growth of the workforce. Working Papers from the research are posted on: http://www.econstrat.org/research/the-impact-of-ai-and-ml-on-the-us-economy http://www.econstrat.org/research/the-new-ip-and-the-internet-of-things A chapter in the book on Digitized Labor starting on page 159. It’s possible read the book online at https://books.google.com/books?id=2_RZDwAAQBAJ&pg=PA11&lpg=PA11&dq=digitized+labor+the+impact+of+the+internet+on+employment&source=bl&ots=hAlfP_B-iF&sig=JWZHqrLFwslHHIh1KSD1MLQ0hD0&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjIl47LjZrcAhWOiOAKHaF8C1UQ6AEITjAI#v=onepage&q=digitized%20labor%20the%20impact%20of%20the%20internet%20on%20employment&f=false The event is hosted at the Azrieli AtoBe Entrepreneurship Center: https://www.jce.ac.il/entrepreneurship-center

  • Rethink Big Data - Inside Look @ SimilarWeb, Varada and the future of Big Data

    SimilarWeb Office, Sarona Azrieli Tower, 42nd floor

    Join this tech talk about the next Big Data Revolution! We are excited to invite you to hear how to reduce time to insight, reduce costs, improve performance, and learn how big organisations scout and adopt new technology. Agenda: 18:30 - 19:00 Networking, beers, and pizza 19:00 - 19:25 A journey of reducing queries performance, from minutes to seconds By Ido Senesh - Senior Software Engineer @SimilarWeb Ido will share his experience, difficulties, and thoughts regarding working on a POC at Similarweb, aimed to reduce queries performance, using Spark to re-shape the data, and Varada DB for fast query execution. 19:30 -19:55 A DBA, an architect, and an analyst walk into a bar, Varada in-line indexing Varada enables business agility by solving the constant trade-offs data teams are facing combining innovation in storage and computing solutions. Varada is an SQL data analytics tier that runs in your account and on any dataset in your data lake. Zoom in on a dataset, and Varada will index it on the fly. Query any dimension from an on-demand unique SSD based distributed cluster architecture that self-adapts to the data schema and the usage workload, removing the need to prepare and model. The purpose of this talk is to describe how in-line indexing combined with a synchronised materialised view on an all-flash array can solve many of the data preparation options. About the speakers: Ori Reshef: Throughout Ori’s career, his focus has been on leveraging data, particularly customer-generated, brand-generated, and operational data, to build solutions that improve a brand’s customer lifetime value (LTV) through a better understanding of customer needs and increased sales, retention and efficiency. Ori is excited to combine this expertise with Varada’s groundbreaking technology and an innovative approach to data. David Krakov: David is the co-founder and CTO of Varada. With product building as his core skill, David has led teams and designed software of almost every kind, from autonomous firmware devices to distributed high-performance storage clusters. At Varada, he uses his data skills and memes to help analysts be agile and data architects to be loved. David holds a number of patents and an M.Sc in computer science. 20:00- 20:30 Panel - The rise of the Data Platform team Hosted by Ori Reshef **Panel members will be announced soon** The meetup will take place at the SimilarWeb Offices in the Azrieli Sarona building, on the 42nd floor. If you are coming by car, there are multiple parking options in the area (e.g. the Millennium Parking Lot, which costs 20 NIS).

  • Cloud Native Israel 2018

    Tel Aviv Fairgrounds

    Cloud-native applications are meant to function "in a world of cloud computing that is ubiquitous and flexible." Applications can be developed on a cloud platform, then deployed to different clouds where supporting software stacks will help them run at scale. Cloud Native Israel will focus on the main challenges of cloud computing: - MULTI CLOUD - EDGE COMPUTING - MICRO SERVICES - CONTAINER SERVICES - OPENSTACK - SDN, NFV - BLOCKCHAIN Get ready to learn about today's Development challenges on the clouds. For more information and Registration, please visit the event site: https://www.cloudnativeisrael.com/

  • Amazing Speakers at The 4th DATA SCIENCE SUMMIT - AI, ML/DL

    Tel Aviv Fairgrounds

    The 4th DATA SCIENCE SUMMIT 2018 AI/ML/DL (http://datasciencesummit.ai/) On May 28th the biggest Data Science/AI event in Israel is taking place. It is a great place to learn from the top leaders and to meet great talents: (+1,500 people). Among the keynote speakers: - Prof. Matei Zaharia, Apache Spark creator, Stanford university DAWN lab and the Databricks Co-founder & CTO - Prof. Ion Stoica, RISELab, UC Berkeley - Prof. Tim Kraska, CSAIL, MIT - Prof. Shai Shalev-Shwartz, VP Technology, Mobileye & Hebrew University For more information and registration: http://datasciencesummit.ai/ The 2018 conference will focus on intelligent systems and how they apply to the real world. The conference will feature a main venue and 4 parallel industry tracks for technical presentations, as well as a tutorial. Following last year’s great success, this year we will again have a separate research track, dedicated to recent research innovations. The conference serves as an excellent setting for participants to demonstrate the application of their work in rich real-world domains. Accordingly, we are inviting authors to submit proposals on a broad spectrum of research and application topics that include, but are not restricted to: - Future of AI- Autonomous driving, Dialogue Bots and Intelligent robots - Innovation in AI methods - Deep Learning, Reinforcement learning, Natural Language Understanding, Automation of Machine-Learning - Big Data Analytics – Systems for ML, Large scale analytics, Continuous delivery and DevOps in the analytics space - Analytics use cases in the following domains: Healthcare, IoT, Education, Fintech, Cyber & Retail For more information and Registration: http://datasciencesummit.ai/ (#DS2018)

  • Data Science Summit Workshops Day

    Interdisciplinary Center (IDC)