The IoT Sales Process: Calculating ROI

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Global CEO's are saying that the next 12 months could be bumpy.. and that one of the big blockers is that companies 'don't know how to innovate'. This is coupled with a near-trillion dollar spend on IoT initiatives. How can this be the case? What is missing? In the next silicon Halton IoT peer to peer we will crack this open and talk about how IoT initiatives are funded, how you can articulate their business value, and what you can do to figure out if someone is talking about a 'cool thing to do' or a true business initiative.

This will be a working session! We will create a light/fast IOT backlog, build a few sheets on enterprise value, and use a business-canvas style map to figure out where the funding is and how technology can truly move the needle in a company. Bring your laptops and a few examples of IoT projects you have seen or are a part of. Don’t worry, we will change names and places to protect the innocent.