Security Considerations for IoT Projects

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Join us for a discussion on cyber risk in the IoT World, why securing IoT is a national security imperative, the current state of IoT cybersecurity and the leading cybersecurity challenges that will make or break IoT project.

About the Presenter:

Darnley Greson Jr is Chief Technical Architect comes from a dynamic background of working experience in: banking, educational, national security, and retail. He brings his experience to Darn IT and understands the challenges that businesses undergo while trying to operate and being cyber aware.

Darn IT was launched in 2012 for an answer against SMB IT, over the years we noticed that there was a bigger requirement by the SMB community to have better protection for organizations against the ongoing onslaught of cyber attacks. Darn IT Group was formed in 2018 with a national reach assisting business from Ontario to British Columbia. We specialize in managed security solutions, security operations centre, advisory, workshop, and IT services for the SMB market. Our solutions are tailored for SMBs which we offer enterprise-grade solutions/products to our clients.