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HIRO-Media hosts a Gizra production: Closed Source Project @ Open Source Tools

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Approaching a Closed Source Project with Open Source Tools

Why did Harvard University pick an Open Source platform to power its websites (and how we became involved), why the White House made a similar decision (and the Israeli angle) - and how come Capitalist uses Communist Open Source (and why that isn't actually so).

Open Source doesn't just refer to a technology, but to a different attitude and mindset. I'll discuss the values that enabled this approach to become a leader in contemporary software development:

* The tools & thinking of Open Source, and why they're worth implementing

* Total transparency as a way to reach accuracy

* Teamwork, and the role of the "benevolent dictator"

* The vulnerable points of a distributed project

* Is Open Source cheaper?

* How to migrate from closed source to open.

Presentor: Amitai Burstein, Co-Founder at Gizra (, a software development company specializing in Drupal and other Open Source solutions.

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