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Join this collaborative space and share the challenges you have face

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Hello IMPACTers!

2014 will be the year we all take our businesses forward. Next year can also be the year that you finally take the step to initiate that idea you always had or the year that you change your strategy completely. Before the new year rolls in, IMPACT Today: The Collaborative Series will attract like minded people for one last time - that is for this year of course! Let’s make this event the most IMPACTful to our community and to your startup. Entrepreneurs, Visionaries, Motivators, Mentors, Investors, or any other Tech Disruptors.... join us at Make Business Hub on December 10 at 7 pm.

At this event, we are going to take collaboration to a whole new level because we want each and every one of you to walk out learning something new. Have you tried to look for guidance or validation for your ideas? What can be more impactful than feedback that is constructive and valuable to your business from others sharing similar experiences? Three startups, chosen from the crowd, will be invited to the front of the room and join the informal panel discussion (no presentations – just an informal Q&A). This will be your opportunity to speak with other IMPACTers and gain insights on shared experiences.

Come prepared to join this collaborative space and share the challenges you have faced.

These challenges may include:

- Moving forward from ideation to pre-conception phase

- Finding a Co-founder and Assembling a Team

- Understanding the different funding models

- Interpreting market research and customer validation

- Generating new ideas to scale your business

- Searching for startups to mentor and support

- Identifying potential investments in startups

As budding and accomplished entrepreneurs, you each face similar challenges. In order to conquer these challenges, you have to be open for accepting constructive and valuable feedback. It is also important to offer you own expertise on the matter by participating in the collaborative development of a startup.

Visit us at Make Business Hub on December 10 at 7pm.


7:00 – 8:00 Networking
8:00 – 9:00 Startup Challenges Q&A

We would like to thank Make Business Hub for hosting the event and our new partner Scavi & Ray ( offering delicious drinks during the event.

Ben & Shaima