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Are you looking for more from your life A better career, improved finances, taking your business to the next level, more satisfying relationships, emotional balance, a healthier body, more spiritual time for yourself...

Do you find yourself wishing you had more wealth, happiness and luck in life and in relationships? Do you think over on the past but too often

Do you have pattern in your life or in your mind that keep you stuck and keep you attracting the same outcomes

If you want to see, hear and feel new ways to change your relationship, beliefs and habits, then come hang out for a few hours And begin to learn how to use NLP to help yourself and others

If you've got a desire to make that vision a reality, to attain the life, the body and goals you want, then you can join us for an information and experiential evening and start to Learn these skills NOW

This is a hands-on meet up for those interested in learning/experiencing/practicing some of the basic NLP and other transformational skills so they might help themselves &/or others

The skills of NLP are both practical and magical. These skills are based on the way our brains naturally work. And they are simple, organic and easy to learn and the best way to learn is by experiencing them. Each month we will explore the basics &/ different elements of NLP and we will often close with a group demo & practical session
We will also explore and discuss how NLP is useful in the following walks of life.

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NLP Foundation Course Webinar

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NLP Foundation Course

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