• Blockchain in Healthcare Master Class (book on IMT)

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    Event Information The use of blockchain is a an upcoming trend with promising solutions in healthcare. This is due to the ability to have a trustless collaboration between participants while recording an immutable audit trail of all interactions. In this master class, we are delighted to welcome Glen Ogden General Manager Healthcare for Guardtime as our mentor. Guardtime is the company securing EHRs using blockchain for the Estonian government, and pioneers in this field. BOOK YOUR PLACE HERE: https://imtinnovation.com/?p=1451 Agenda Glen will talk about what’s really possible (no hype) with blockchain in Health. The presentation will cover a demonstration alongside the real use cases in life science / pharma / payers etc. Schedule The master class will take place between 6.00 – 8.00 pm on 10th October 2018 at WeWork South Bank. This master class will consist of a small group to maximise the chances of learning and discussion. We are very proud to have this expert in our master class and we hope you can join us! BOOK YOUR PLACE HERE: https://imtinnovation.com/?p=1451 Mentor Glen Ogden, General Manager Guardtime Health. Glen is bringing Guardtime’s KSI technology to healthcare markets, by designing, building and selling the next generation of blockchain based data driven health care, encompassing an immutable patient care record with GDPR compliant patient consent and seamless secure data exchange between EHR systems. This master class is part of our digital health training courses by the IMT Academy. Be part of the conversation; join our master class! BOOK YOUR PLACE HERE: https://imtinnovation.com/?p=1451

  • Infusion Hackathon

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    We are very excited to invite you to the ‘Infusion Day’ Hackathon we have been working on with Roche Products Limited. We're looking for 6 teams to develop solutions that could address the challenges facing healthcare today... do you think you have the ideas, innovation and creativity to compete and try to win £5,000 as a team? To view the full hackathon challenge, rules and prize information, as well as applying for your place, please register here by Friday 11 May, as places are limited - https://roche.cvent.com/d/qgqjy9/ The Challenge Teams will work against the clock, over the weekend, to develop innovative solutions to address the challenges faced by patients receiving infusion medicines; from preparing for the infusion day to networking with other patients. If you’re not a healthcare expert don’t worry. During the weekend, you will have the chance to attend Mentor Clinics with healthcare professionals, technology and business experts, to gather insights and feedback from experts to help shape your ideas/solutions. The Prize There is one overall prize fund of £5,000 for the team that the judges deem to have developed the ideas/solutions that will have the biggest positive impact on a patient's experience when receiving an infused medicine. Due to the involvement of prize funds, it is unfortunately not possible for Healthcare Professionals (HCP) or Other Relevant Decision Maker (ORDM) (as defined by the ABPI Code of Practice for the Pharmaceutical Industry) to participate in the hackathon. RXUKNONP00476 - April 2018 This is a non-promotional meeting organised and funded by Roche Products Limited. REGISTER HERE: https://roche.cvent.com/d/qgqjy9/

  • The Digital Health Landscape & Trends - Online Master Class

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    Event Information Digital Health is the emergence of healthcare and technology, it leverages technology to improve healthcare, enable personalised medicine and reduce healthcare costs. During the online 1-hour master class, we’ll cover the background of digital health, the current ecosystem and the emerging trends. We will discuss the most relevant digital health technologies and go in-depth about their application. Schedule The master class will consist of a presentation, Q&As and discussions. You’ll have your questions answered, challenges discussed, and will go away with new ideas. Outcomes • Understand the concept of exponential medicine and future medical technologies. • Get started in AI, ML, VR, AR and wearables and learn about emerging trends Mentor Cristina De Juan is the Founder & CEO of IMT Innovation, a digital health innovation platform. Cristina is a Faculty Member at Barts X Medicine, the first digital health course for medical students in the UK, and a Board Member of Medical Realties, a company democratising surgical training using Virtual Reality. Cristina holds a PhD in Genetics, and is a counsel member of the Royal Society of Medicine. Testimonials For more ticket options or booking without paypal please visit: https://imtinnovation.com/events/event/digital-health-landscape-trends/

  • The Rise of Digital Health in India (location Delhi)

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    The Raise of Digital Health & Health Informatics in India We are delighted to announce the launch of the IMT Academy for digital health in Delhi, India on the 4th December of 2017 in partnership with the International Institute of Health Management Research (IIHMR-Delhi) in Delhi and the Mahatma Gandhi University in Jaipur. India has seen a rapid increase in the adoption of digital health tools, starting from government initiatives in EHRs and the existence of more than 800 digital health companies. During this training, we will be discussing the digital health landscape, and the health IT initiatives in India. We will also have digital health startup demos! Check the full agenda and event details here (https://www.imtacademy.co/events/digital-health-training-in-india). Looking forward to seeing you there.

  • What is the Latest on Wearables, Sensors & Big Data? Master Class

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    Often wonder how are wearables and mobile apps used to remotely monitor patients outside the hospital? What are the engagement and reporting rates? Sep 20th, Chris Tyson, aparito's CTO, will share the findings from the clinical trials on their wearable, from user demographics to barriers to adoption and adverse event reporting. Our class will include a short presentation by the speaker, small groups discussions on your topic of interest, and extensive networking opportunities during and after the event. This Master Class is part of our Digital Health Training Day on Sep 20th. Check out the course website for further details https://goo.gl/6F3h1B We look forward to seeing you there!

  • How is Digital Health Used in Clinical Practice & the NHS? Master Class

    How is the NHS adopting digital health? How can I can be prepared? Whether you are a clinician, healthcare professional or someone wondering how digital health is being used in clinical practice, this is the master class for you. In this class, we'll learn about the digital health tools used by patients and healthcare professionals and examples of effective adoption of these tools in the clinical space. The class will be conducted by Dr Indra Joshi, Clinical Lead Digital Experience and Urgent Care (NHS England). This Master Class is part of our Digital Health Training Day on Sep 20th. Check out the course website for further details https://goo.gl/6F3h1B We look forward to seeing you there!

  • Digital Health Training for Healthcare Professionals (book on IMT website)

    Hi all, We are running a 1-day intensive training course on Digital Health for Healthcare Professionals. The course will cover wearables and sensors, artificial intelligence and machine learning, virtual reality and augmented reality, and a NHS-focused class. The course will provide you with insights into the technologies and tools available, as well as a deeper understanding of how digital health is applied to clinical practice. The course is delivered by great mentors in the field, check out the course website for details and bookings https://goo.gl/6F3h1B Have a look at the course website and reach out if you have any queries [masked] The IMT Team

  • StartUp Bootcamp - IP and Legal Considerations Master Class

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    The intellectual property (IP) of your idea is a critical part of your success. Is your invention already patented? Do you need to file a patent for your software solution or data algorithms? In this 2 hour master class we will review and discuss the challenges of new technologies arising from health data research and solutions for how to protect these. This master class is part of the Startup Bootcamp (https://goo.gl/N3cNNE). You can bring your cofounder or partner for free. The master class will be conducted by Bonella Ramsay is the Global Co-Chair of the Life Sciences Sector at DLA Piper, specialised in IP and focused on digital health and technology transactions for the pharmaceutical and biosciences sector. We look forward to seeing you soon and if you have questions please drop us a line [masked]

  • Startup Bootcamp - Master Class with Digital Health Investor

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    If you want to take your business to the next level you might want to consider bringing venture capital on board. This 2-hour master class will be conducted by Christoph Ruedig Partner at Albion Ventures LLP, a venture capital with approximately £230 million under management. During the class you'll have the chance to pitch your product or idea to Christoph. We will also review and discuss financing options for your startup, and the different stages of financing. This master class is part of the Startup Bootcamp. For full details visit this link. (https://goo.gl/N3cNNE) You can bring your partner or cofounder with you for free. We look forward to seeing you soon and if you have any questions please drop us a line [masked]

  • Startup Bootcamp - The Winning Business Plan

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    A business plan is the document that describes your business and sets out the plan to develop and grow your company, from the problem you are trying to solve, to the uniqueness of your solution, your team, and your financial projections. In this master class we will review how to build a business plan for your product where you are able to define the idea and purpose, USP, market opportunities, and set out long-term and short-term goals. This master class is part of the Startup Bootcamp (https://goo.gl/N3cNNE), it will be conducted by Cristina De Juan, Founder & CEO of IMT and will take place at the Wayra Startup Accelerator. We understand the importance of teamwork so you can bring your partner or cofounder for free. We look forward to seeing you soon. Any questions please drop us a line [masked]