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The Multidimensional Quality Metrics (MQM) standard for analytic translation quality evaluation (TQE) was developed in 2015 by DFKI and TAUS under the EC-sponsored QTLaunchPad initiative. It is being updated under the auspices of ASTM.

MQM 2.0 includes innovative work on the stages of TQE (manual error annotation, followed by automatic error compilation, quality analysis, and quality rating), a robust scoring model, a new feature for working with error root causes, a mechanism for reducing the error counts for duplicate errors, and more.

About the speaker:

Merle Tenney has held positions in software internationalization and localization at major technology companies, including International Technology Evangelist at Apple. In addition, Merle has experience developing machine translation systems, computer-aided translation tools, and grammar checkers for native and second-language speakers of English. At ALPNET, Merle helped develop the first multi-modal translation management system and the first translation memory system.

Merle also has broad experience in developing and executing QA for linguistic technologies, including comparative MT systems, comparative translation modes, grammar checker coverage, and comparative spelling checkers. He is an invited expert on the ASTM committee updating the MQM translation quality evaluation standard.


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