What we're about

IN THE NIGHT is a collaborative learning event for both beginning and experienced photographers.

Shooting in low light is a challenge that many avoid, but it forces you to rethink everything you know about photography and get creative with how you shoot.

We meet up at locations around Chicago/Chicagoland in the evenings and take photo walks as a group. During our events, we will explore the different creative ways to use apertures, shutter speeds, long exposures, composition, and light art -- All while capturing some great photos!

What to bring:

• A camera - A DSLR/Mirrorless/Rangefinder camera is preferred, but this can be a point and shoot or even your phone if you'd like. Analog film cameras are also welcome.

• Lenses - Since it will be dark, lenses with apertures narrower than f/2.8 might be more challenging to shoot with, but bring what you have and we will make it work!

• A tripod (optional) - If you want to experiment with long exposures, you will want a tripod (preferably one that is light weight and portable). If you don't have one it's okay, I will try to bring an extra. We can also try to find natural surfaces that you can put your camera on.

• A flashlight (optional) - If you want to try making light art or highlighting certain areas of your photos, a flashlight might be helpful. Your phone flashlight will work but I recommend an actual flashlight.

• Comfortable shoes/weather appropriate clothing

• An open mind!


About me:

I'm a Chicago based photographer with 5 years of professional photography experience. My current focus is in live music and entertainment photography, but I often do 35mm, portrait, and street photo work.

My main goal with this group is to encourage others to have fun and learn from each other while exploring the world around them through photography. Being out at night taking photos is something that I love, and I want to share that experience with others.

Feel free to check out some of my work at the links below and don't hesitate to reach out with any questions!

Instagram: @ZShare_Photovisions

Web: www.zachshare.com

Past events (4)

Sunset Pop-Up Meeting @ Foster/Montrose Beach

Foster Beach House

Photographing The Chicago Theatre at Night

The Chicago Theatre

Beginners Photo Lesson at Millennium Park

Millennium Park


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