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The Inner Circle was personally created by me, to be the first exclusive women's-only balanced wellness program for your heart and soul. I am an Authentic Leadership Coach, certified by the International Coaching Federation. Our tight-knit community and I are here to support you in conquering your limiting beliefs. We are here to strengthen your confidence, build your self-esteem, and challenge your perspectives through a powerful on-going relationship.
Some of the personal and/or professional challenges The Inner Circle helps you address include navigating the emotional rollercoaster that is motherhood, finding and rediscovering your passions, triumphing body issues, cultivating better relationships, and achieving deep career satisfaction.
We are about looking to the future and planning your journey to achieving positive results in your life, NOW! Join us! Here’s to our health, Laura Reichert

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People Pleaser Recovery Workshop

"The Frontier" of the Research Triangle Park

Stop being a bystander in your life!

"The Frontier" of the Research Triangle Park


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