What we're about

Infinitwirl Dance Project promotes Mediterranean music and folk heritage to create a cultural exchange between National and International traditions with dances from the South of Italy (Tarantella traditions from different regions), Europe (Balfolk) and the rest of the World (Bellydance).

Dances From The South of Italy -"Pizzica Pizzica" and "Tammurriata" and "Montemaranese" and other Tarantellas from different regions.

We are going to pass on the history and meaning of these dances through our personal experience and passion for them.
We are hoping to give a greater awareness of these dances which today are part of a living tradition in the South of Italy and can be experienced at first hand in festivals and celebrations by any interested traveller.

European Balfolk (Scottish, Burree, dances from France and Portugal...and more) focused on the improvisation aspects of those dances and their traditional and neo-trad variations.

Bellydance opening a door to the rest of the World travelling around the Mediterranean Sea , we explore the fascinating movements of this ancient dance, influences and rhythms

We are organizing classes to teach the basic steps of those dances.
Everyone can express themselves through body movement and gestures.

All dance classes are available On line (contact Eliana Valentini at eli.madrarua@yahoo.ie) €20 per hour

Eliana Valentini, director of Infinitwirl Dance Project (visual-artist and dance teacher -performer) and organizer of several events like Mazurka Klandestina in Dublin 2011-2014 and Celtitaly 2015.
Dance workshops, Live music performances and On Line classes and On line live concert are available.
Infinitwirl also includes historical presentations, school projects, collaborations with Cultural institutes, Festivals, public and private celebrations (performances for Birthday Parties, Weddings...)
Tammurriata, Montemaranese, Pizzica, other Tarantellas from Italian Southern Regions (Tarantella del Gargano and Tarantella Calabrese), European Balfolk and Bellydance.

Eliana is a dance teacher, performer, visual artist and illustrator.
Infiniwirl Dance Project includes also visual art and live music.
www.infinitwirl.ie (https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.infinitwirl.ie%2F%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR3ZcBcjujjgwu0L5g3tV6hT28MI_Z3K0GPoIUP3_GYj-7NuG68SfoiGQu0&h=AT3T2LCy04dG5hEKk7fi6twyNJGY37mnBvudFJKrIgWINRk0Bct0HBjWDeKi7RlYD4zupRq6wdzw-_Ra5SkrsbRwC-BQZridKWSBYGw2IegTqZSVaRySfCCNe0zVZR4eh4yF3g)

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Tarantella Montemaranese Mini Zoom Workshop

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