• Romantic Love and Happiness!

    Loving Hut

    With Valentine's Day just around the corner, join us for a mind-boggling, blockbusting discussion on the inexorable link between Romantic Love and Happiness! We'll delve into the roots of, and preconditions for, romantic love to survive and thrive; as well as discussing the dynamics between the masculine and feminine; and how this is all related to Happiness! As usual, we'll be talking about things you won't hear anywhere else, especially on this particular topic. This is one meetup you won't ever forget! NOTE: For the purposes of this Meetup, "romantic love" is intended to entail mutual affinity for another, as well as actions and deep feelings towards another that involve respect and admiration, in conjunction with physical attraction. It will not be (for the purposes of this Meetup) interpreted as fantasy-driven "infatuation"; nor as the immature, emotional bonding formed as as result of complementary psychological weaknesses and mutual enabling in so-called "co-dependency" relationships. Please note that this event is at restaurant/coffee house, and some members will be ordering food (optional), so the actual Meetup discussion may not begin until as late as (and typically no later than) 5:30pm. Once our Meetup officially begins, the typical event runs about 2 hours, but may go slightly longer if the participants/topic demand it.