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لكل المبتكرين والمخترعين سواء طلاب جامعيين أوطالبات ( أكبر من 18 عاما )، موظفين أو رواد أعمال، عاملون في القطاع الحكومي او القطاع الخاص، إنضموا إلى المجموعه والتي تدور أهدافها حول ثلاث محاور رئيسه : 1- الترابط ، 2- التمكين، 3 - الإلهام والتحفيز بين أعضاء المجموعة من المبتكرين والمخترعين .

For all Innovators & Inventors in Saudi Arabia, this group is for us to CONNECT with each other, EMPOWER each other,and INSPIRE all the group Inventors & Innovators.

The Planned Strategy of - i & i Network ( Inventors & Innovators Network ) is to have Professional Mentors, Business Consultants,Investors, Entrepreneurs, Engineers, and Techies as members of the Network. They will be dedicated to helping our members commercialize their ideas, whether it is licensing through concerned entities in Saudi Arabia, or a startup venture.

i & i Network ( Inventors & Innovators Network ) with the help of the concerned entities, will be assisting Inventors & Innovators through the process of bringing their ideas to market, Starting from concept, material selection, prototyping, patents, target markets, licensing, sourcing, manufacturing, distribution, marketing and sales.

In this respect we invite individuals, companies from all industrial sectors and businesses to join the Network.

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