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Do you Want or Have Tools/Techniques to Create any of This:

Empowerment of receiving Joy and Abundance, AWAKENED WEALTH in every area of life:

Healing Physical Pain, Holistic Nutrition, Transformational Fitness: Systems that not only make you look good and feel stronger, but HEAL your Physical and Spiritual bodies.

Improved and Deepened Relationships. Clearing the Myths and Misunderstandings of Desires.

Eliminating Negative Energy. Clearing the Myths of Money/Wealth.

Eliminating Limiting Beliefs. Accessing High Vibrating Energies to open up to infinite possibilities.

It is about Exploration of a New, Holistic, Conscious and Purposeful way of Being and Doing - It is a new Paradigm in Life creating lasting Transformation. It is about Integration and building Healing Communities. Let us know, if you would like to showcase and share your expertise in our meets, workshops or Google Hangouts.

Join us and Transform!

We are a group of people dedicated to explore simple solutions and bring clarity to increasing complexity of our life and our outdated ways of thinking about it. - How have your New Year resolutions worked in the past? Are you ready to tap deeper into the progressively life-changing higher energies, to take a leap and begin fully experiencing your true authentic self to help you shift into the joy, abundance, true wealth and health you want and deserve? Life doesn't need to be a struggle. Should not require much willpower! Every month we explore latest scientific discoveries and proven traditional methods - that will help raise the vibration of you, your food and your body easing you into a new way of being and living. Everybody is welcome to share their gifts and talents - yes we all have some! We keep it informal, so come and relax and have some fun too.

What ever your life situation might be now, you'll be right at home in this, open-minded, supportive group.

Contact Eila at Eila@ThrivingLives.com if you would like to announce your business and offer perks to members!

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