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Is the Universe a Simulation?
Here's the topic for the next class in our ongoings series. The voice of intuition woke me up this morning and said, "Here's the Next Class!" Each class has a topic, talk, discussion and we play GAMES to practice what we're learning and get to know each other. It's fun, it's interactive, we practice intuitive wisdom, learn about philosophical mind-bending topics, and get to know each other. --- IS THE UNIVERSE A SIMULATION? There is more to REALITY than meets the eye. Our First Five senses don't paint the whole picture. But does that mean our reality is a simulation, or, rather that we live in a CONSCIOUS UNIVERSE? The Universe, with its peculiar quantum HABITS, can seem like it's responding to us based on what we're putting out there. It appears as though we're living in some kind of ..... Organic MATRIX. Abraham-Hicks calls it a VORTEX. The experience of EFFECTIVELY working within the Organic Vortex (you can call it MANIFESTATION if you like) makes the world around us seem to feel like a HOLODECK from STAR TREK. (I teach this technique in my other classes) But, could all of this be just a simulation? Or does the ever-evolving conscious universe .... have a mind of its own?

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