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This group is created for anyone who's interested and wants to develop themselves, especially to have strong emotional intelligence, encouraging mindset and belief system, also to discover and live their passions and life purpose. We believe anyone who discover their passions and life purpose will create more positive impact to society and meaning in their life.

This is also a group for those who need insights to improve their business or organization performance. In this space, we can discuss, give input or share ideas on everything that related to your business and/or organization. There are also trainings, workshops, seminars, even travelling sessions.

This is the right place for you who are keen to meet each other and collaborate with each other, to be the better version of yourself and drive the business through referral & networking.

All backgrounds are welcome.

Be ready to be inspired and inspire others!

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(PAID) Biar Gue Tahu Tujuan Hidup Gue


Aku punya banyak ketertarikan, hobi, atau passion. Sebenarnya, mana yang harus aku pilih? Atau seharusnya aku menjalankan semuanya? Bagaimana caranya? Apa itu tujuan hidup? Kenapa kita perlu punya tujuan hidup? Apa ini alasan aku tidak benar-benar bisa menikmati hidupku? Aku sudah tahu tujuan hidupku. Tapi aku masih bingung, bagaimana aku harus menjalankannya? Kenapa aku belum sesukses yang lain? Kamu pasti punya banyak pertanyaan yang serupa, karena itu, workshop ini tepat untukmu. Di sini kamu akan mendapatkan jawaban tentang: 1. Hal-hal yang perlu kamu lakukan dan petunjuk untuk menemukan tujuan hidupmu. 2. Memahami kesalahpahaman tentang tujuan hidup. 3. Pentingnya menemukan dan menjalankan tujuan hidupmu. Bersama Ali Zaenal Abidin, Cofounder I'm On My Way. Ali merupakan konsultan, certified coach, dan fasilitator terutama dalam topik Passion, Purpose dan Culture. Lebih dari 10 tahun Ali telah mempelajari perjalanan hidup para role models dalam menemukan dan menjalani passion dan life purpose mereka, hingga berhasil memetakan pola kesuksesan mereka, yang bisa kita duplicate untuk menjadi seperti mereka (bahkan jauh lebih sukses). Dapatkan TIKET RESMI di www.imonmyway.id/life-purpose Whatsapp[masked] untuk info lebih lanjut.

(PAID) Kill Your Negativity

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Have you experienced when negative thoughts came up? or do you ever have a question like this? “I’m dying inside, I feel like my negative thoughts and emotions are killing me, what should I do?” Every time those negative thoughts and emotions come up you become frustrated and stressful. No matter how hard you try to be positive, you still can’t put yourself together. The good news is you’re not alone! Most people stress too! Even the optimistic ones! The bad news is people who have suffered negativity, they have bad repetition thinking pattern. So, they always get attacked by their own negative emotions and thoughts! They will always feel frustrated, get annoyed easily, feels down about themselves and the world, and worst they will become a SLAVE TO THOSE NEGATIVITY…. You must learn to protect yourself from the negativity and transform it into positive thinking and belief system! Preparing yourself by getting STRONGER rather than the negativity! Teacher's profile : Ali is a consultant, certified coach, and facilitator specializes in Passion, Purpose, and Culture. He enables individuals and organizations to discover & live on track to their purpose. Ali has traveled over 37 countries and delivered many leadership and organizational development seminars as a trainer and facilitator. He earned his MPA from Wagner School of Public Service at New York University, and his Bachelor in Marketing Management from University of Indonesia. He is also an accredited External Coach Intensive from the Columbia University Coaching Certification Program. In 2017, Ali was awarded the “CITIZEN 4.0 UNDER 40 For Contribution to Society and Humanity” by Marketeers Magazine.

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