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Eastern Perspective on the Primacy of Consciousness

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Join us for an engaging two-part segment.

A brief overview of IONS' 16th Annual Conference held in Chicago Jul 26-31st followed by Eastern Perspective on the Primacy of Consciousness - the ultimate human mystery.

The talk will be led by Zenji Acharya, dubbed by Indian Express as hailing from "the world's oldest and most venerated Buddhist lineage" that comprised Buddha’s closest disciples and founders of every major Buddhist tradition -- from Nagarjuna and Vasubandhu (founders of Japanese Pure Land Jodo Shinshu) to Paramartha and Kumarajiva (Chinese Buddhism); from Padmasambhava and Atisa (Tibetan Buddhism) to Bodhidharma (founder of Zen). Acharya also heads numerous government designated 'Heritage Temples of National Importance' built by his family centuries ago near the Buddha's home in Magadha.

Zenji is the Director of NAMAHA (North American Museum of Asian Heritage and Art) that organizes landmark exhibits to promote positive consciousness and he works with Canada's top law enforcement officers as the Chair of Media and Communications for the RCMP Commanding Officer's Diversity Council. Furthermore Zenji is the force behind the Bodhisattva Initiative which is working with charities around the world to make a difference.

His recent work at the Pan Am Games was reviewed by the National Post: (

The talk will be followed by audience interaction and refreshments

A $10 donation will be appreciated to defray the expenses.