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with Thomas Daniel Nehrer

True visionaries perceive the Consciousness/Reality “Oneness” neither as ethereal nor idealistic, but real: that’s How Life Works. Beliefs absorbed during childhood, however, dim awareness of life’s inner-outer connection. Attaining clear awareness involves dispelling synthetic notions, not grasping new ones. Clarifying life’s illusions, Tom Nehrer illuminates that Oneness: real, personal issues always reflect explicit subconscious elements. Removed within, health, success and improved relationships manifest – and awareness grows. Tom vigorously exposes religion, many popular and esoteric notions and even science as dualistic: separating Consciousness from Reality. With humor and candor, Tom communicates a vivid view of life’s flowing Oneness.

Expanding awareness, Tom Nehrer morphed from chemical engineer, later software developer, to intractable visionary. After an early mystic experience, spurred by uncompromising independence and ever-questioning intellect, Tom delved inward. Mastering techniques to explore the psyche, he personally reshaped his technical bent — from inside out — into a life of travel, writing and speaking. Tom's website, accessed freely by many, his three books and over 150 talks to IONS and other groups nationally and internationally, communicate his awareness of life's inner-outer flow. Seeking no followers, nor establishing movements" or commercial ventures, Tom endeavors to share liberating, beneficial insights from his personal clarity of awareness.

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