Introduction to R programming - day 1

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R for starters: duration: 2 days. This day forms one unit with day 2; it is not possible to register separately for one of the two days. The price indicated is the price per day, so registration for two days is Eur600.

What is covered in this module:

• What is R, packages available (CRAN, R-Forge, ...), R documentation search, finding help, RStudio editor, syntax

• Data types: numeric, character, factor, logicals, NA, Dates/Times

• Data structures (vector/data.frame/matrix/lists and standard operations on these)

• Saving (RData) & importing data from flat files, csv, Excel, Oracle, MS SQL Server, SAS, SPSS

• Creating functions, data manipulation (subsetting, adding variables, ifelse, control flow, recoding, rbind, cbind) and aggregating and reshaping

• Plotting in R using base and lattice functionality (dot plots, barcharts, graphical parameters, legends, devices)

• Basic statistics in R (mean, variance, crosstabs, quantile, correlation, distributions, densities, histograms, boxplot, t-tests, wilcoxon test, non-parametric tests)

During the course, you will need to do exercises, so bring your laptop.

Instructor: Jan Wijfels, BNOSAC (

Price: 600 Euro for the two days; register/pay via Eventbrite (