• Data4Good Hackathon to fight HIV drug resistance

    Details Dear friend, join the fight and use your skills for a good cause. Over the past months many volunteers have gathered useful data and prepared it for the different challenges of this hackathon. The aim is to prepare for the #HIVHACK that will take place on NOV 23&24 in our #datascience clubhouse. You can register alone or with your team here: https://lnkd.in/gu8id_e Please forward this message to your peers that could be interested to participate to our yearly #ai #data4good hackathon. More info on HIVHACK.org -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HIV Drug Resistance Challenge In the context of ART roll-out in low- and middle-income countries (LMIC) around the globe, and the recommendation in the most recent WHO guidelines to apply the “Test & Treat” (T&T) strategy, over 17 million HIV-infected persons have received ART worldwide. The monitoring of those persons is still suboptimal; they are maintained on a failing treatment regimen for long periods of time. This results in the accumulation of drug resistance mutations, and in immunological deterioration. Both these factors contribute to a poorer efficacy of 2nd line regimens for those patients. High levels of pre-therapy drug resistance are observed in the WHO HIVDR 2017 report(1). If, in sub-Saharan Africa, levels of NNRT Pre-Treatment Drug Resistance exceed 10%, if NNRTI in first-line ART, between 2016 and 2020, Pre-Treatment Drug Resistance will be responsible for(1) 105,000 new HIV infections, 135,000 AIDS deaths and US$ 650 million in ART drug cost. HIV research Through its Global Public Health organization (GPH), Johnson & Johnson (J&J) aims to deliver integrated evidence-based solutions to address complex global health problems in mental health, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, soil transmitted helminths and vaccines. GPH Disease Management Programs (GPH-DMP) is conducting a collaborative exercise, involving stakeholders from various disciplines, to develop a model to map HIV drug resistance hotspots in LMIC’s. Through this exercise we will get an understanding of epidemiological and non-epi factors influencing the emergence of HIV-DR and a model mapping the spots. This will result in dynamic and up-to-date graphical and visual representations of HIV-DR maps allowing governments, health workers and other stakeholders to be informed on the topic and to turn the understanding of the drivers into actionable items in the prevention and countering of HIV-DR. As part of our mission we intend to educate on the approach and outcomes locally. To date, GPH-DMP has implemented a model globally mapping the probability of observing HIV-DR above a 10% threshold as determined by WHO(1). GPH-DMP is working with BlueSquare HUB, a Belgium based company working with a variety of governments, NGOs and donors to reach over 100 million people in 18 countries. BlueSquare is developing an interactive dashboard visualizing HIV-DR related risk indicators in the Democratic Republic of Congo. J&J GPH is also sponsoring a “Data for Good” event, organized by the European Data Innovation hub, a non for profit organisation grouping the major european datascience communities based at DigitYser (digityser.org) in Brussels. It is our long-term goal to reach out to more countries and stakeholders, further refine the model and continue to help and inform countries, governments and organizations on HIV-DR. Data4Good Initiative In preparation of the Data4Good Initiative, some data already has been gathered from publicly available websites in countries such as Tanzania. We are asking for your help to complete our “Data for Good” data set(s) on HIV Drug Resistance and for additional contacts in this field. Join our HIV Drug Resistance hackathon https://hivhack.org/ Find DigitYser at https://digityser.org/

  • #AI Demystified meetup at ULB

    Solbosch Campus, ULB

    Dear Friends, On June 27th the Data Science Community will hold its 4th annual conference at the ULB. You can expect a day packed with innovative ideas, lots of networking opportunities and FUN. We will have 40 speakers, 6 master classes and 6 hands-on workshops, all in the efforts of demystifying Artificial Intelligence. The Keynote speaker: There is a budget for getting the best A.I. expert able at bringing the true face of A.I. to light to us to speak at this year’s Summit. So if you have someone in mind that impressed you recently, please send me his/her details. The location: In the previous 3 editions of the Summit, we constantly had trouble fitting all our eager participants into the available space. No more. This year, we reserved a much much bigger location for you all - 2,5 time larger to be exact - with one plenary seating room of 800 seats and 6 big training rooms on 2 floors at the ULB Solbosch Campus Auditorium K. Partner Village and Job Fair: There will be 2 vast areas for networking. One for the partners to show off their innovative ideas; the other for all to hire their best candidates. Invite your team: Make from #disummit your annual team event and have a productive day with your team at the University of Brussels. Recruit the best: You can promote your outstanding jobs, participate to the Job Fair and sponsor some tickets for students. Network and Nerd-Out: Opportunities to network and have fun will be plenty. We will use the conversation starter app again to facilitate your connexion with the most pertinent people. After the Summit, we have a beer garden set up for you to nerd-out after work with craft beer and a barbecue. Yes. Spread the word: As we have more capacity this year, we are implementing a special incentive program to reward your help in promoting the Summit. You are invited to bring your community at discounted rates and to earn free tickets. More information on disummit.com I’m looking forward to meeting you again! Don’t hesitate to contact me, should you have any questions.

  • IoT challenges in Belgium


    When it comes to market figures about The Internet of Things, global forecasts are so impressive that we lose the sense of proportions. Indeed, it is a promising market for a wide variety of sectors. How do Belgian companies take this challenge? During this Meetup, you will get acquainted with 3 IoT challenges taken in Belgium: - How an IoT solution can help reducing water leaks in domestic pipes? - Presented by Alexandre McCormack from Shayp - Have you ever heard about LoRaWAN? An open radio standard for connecting sensors and devices over a long range, with very long battery life - Presented by Bram Senave from Actility - What is the best approach to move to IoT based business model? How to combine IoT and analytics initiatives? How to address required organizational and cultural changes? - Presented by Alain Vermeiren from Digital Lead Come and get your opinion from three presenters who will give their own picture on technical and business process perspective.

  • IoT Lab - structure, equipment & organization

    (date is changed - Thu MAy 10 was indeed a bank holiday) DigitYser is throwing the foundations of an IoT lab for the use of workshops, bootcamps, hackathons and IoT project owners to deliver a first level of POC/ prototypes. The philosophy of this IoTlab is industry & start-up oriented. A list of "must-have" equipment is currently being drafted, and during this informal session, you'll be invited to share your opinion on which essentials (soldering equipment, oscilloscope, multimeter, ...) to have and how to organize the whole lab. We'll be open to your suggestions for an organized co-learning & co-creation IoT space alongside the VR, Data Science, AI & blockchain activities already in place. Interested to share your vision & experience on the success of an IoTlab ? Eager to be part of this experience ? Then come and join us :-) With the support of Engie, Please register on Eventbrite : https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/iot-lab-structure-equipment-organization-tickets-45723052882

  • IoT devices Security


    Are IoT devices that easy to hack ? Could someone easily take control of your own IoT devices ? What kind of attacks usually ? ... On the agenda of today's session : - the current state of IoT devices security and, - what "exactly" vendors, users and authorities can do to increase the security level of these exponentially ubiquitous devices. This will be an hour presentation followed by a 30 minutes Q&A, and some networking afterwords. Zahra Khani has more than 10 years of experience totally in cyber security, software development and project management and is the founder and CEO of Firmalyzer (SecurIoT). Firmalyzer is a company specialized in providing security products and solutions for IoT/connected devices. You need to be registered through Eventbrite in order to attend this meetup :-) https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/iot-devices-security-tickets-41868232009?aff=es2

  • The EnCo API hour #1


    Do you know EnCo? EnCo is all about API, CoCreation and Data normalization so if you are a developer or a business developer with an interest in solutions related to IoT, Cloud, Big Data, Telco and Even AR and Blockchain, then, you should! Let’s have a free drink together after a short but intense presentation by a special speaker. The API hour afterwork is the perfect way to meet, demo and exchange on innovative projects every first Tuesday of the month! For the first API hour, Jan Manssens director of Enterprise Business Unit at Proximus will tell you where EnCo is coming from, what is the status to day and expectations for tomorrow ! Schedule : 18h : Doors Opening 18h15 : API Speaker 18h30-19h30 : API Hour Free Admission – Everyone is welcome. Please, to attend the event register on Eventbrite via this link : https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/the-enco-api-hour-1-tickets-37188093589

  • Defining the IoT activities we want to facilitate in Brussels

    DigitYser will be hosting IoT meetups and accelerating IoT enterprises. During this meetup we will be setting up a team that wants to be part of running IoT initiatives in Brussels. Everybody is welcome.

  • Tensorflow workshop during DISummit

    Datatonic is doing a Tensorflow workshop during the data innovation summit. Special student tickets 50€ discount when doing the survey. 30% discount on all tickets for members : https://dis2017.eventbrite.co.uk?discount=DigitYser High time to register. See you there ! More info on www.disummit.com