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Aare Riverside Family Hike and Swim - Hike 64

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Please consider the risk of contacting COVID-19 before signing up. If you decide to join the hike, please wear a mask during transit time and observe physical distancing during the hike.

Aare Riverside Hike and Swim - Hike 64
Level - Easy
Distance - 17.1 km
Hiking Time - 4.5 hours + 2.5 lunch, rest and swim
Ascent - 250 m
Descent - 220 m

0832-0928 Zurich to Bern P31 to P5
0939-0949 Bern - Munsigen P3 to P1
1000-1700 Hike and swim
1716-1723 Bern, Barenpark to Bern Bahnhof B12
1732-1828 Bern-Zurich HB

Münsingen- Schützefahrbrügg/Parkbad - Hunzigenbrügg–- Auguetbrügg- Elfenau- Bern/Bärenpark

Please add the cost of the ferry ride to your budget - 2CHF for adults, 1CHF for children.

Come and join a refreshing river hike in the protected area of Bern.
We start our hike in Münsingen, crossing the Schützenfar bridge to reach the renaturalized Märchligen and the broad Kleinhöchstetten protected wetlands. From there, we cross another bridge "Auguetbrügg", the covered wooden bridge dating from 1832 that was moved here from Hunzigen in 1973/74 to reach Muribad. We walk through the forest and reach the river bank and cross over the other side of the river through the Bodenacher ferry. We continue our walk admiring the landscape with its ponds, crystal-clear streams, extensive reed beds, water plants and birds and gnarled old trees. Along the route, we will see the former Grand-Duke of Bern's residence and hopefully, some animals such as ibex, bison and water birds in their enclosures as we walk near the zoo. Soon, we will cross over the 120-year-old Kirchenfeld bridge where we can enjoy the impressive views of the Parliament Building. Our path will start to be adorned with the view of City of Bern and accompanied by the rapids of the river until we reach the Bärenpark. We will end our walk with a swim in the river Aare or we may stop for a swim along the hiking route.

Source (we will follow the reverse of this route):

What to bring:
1. Food and water
2. Mask, hand sanitizer, soap
3. Cap, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen
4. Swim clothes
5. Towel or blanket to sit on
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