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IRSHAD Dearborn Seminars (English)
Seminars about various topics in English Spirituality . Humanity. Dialogue

W Institute

5232 Oakman Blvd · Dearborn, MI


What we're about

The free coexistence between human beings and the aspiration for building a better life based on love, justice, and worldly peace, and launching the movement of the mind in an aware and conscious reading of the universe, life and humanity.

GOALSRehabilitation of the individual and society through:
1. Building the individual on bases of humanity and civilization.
2.Reinforcing the human principles in society on which all the souls of religions agree upon.
3. Opening the mind on the diversity of opinion.
4. Preparing the individual to accept the idea of a human just government.
5. Defending society against ignorance, immorality, and social dysfunction.

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