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LIKE A ROCK-Breaking Down as Spiritual Transformation

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Join Quynn in ISA's Underworld Rock Walled Grotto for a transforming circle...
In every Rock's life belongs the process of breaking down. A rock can be cracked apart quickly, or eroded over time, but breaking down helps it become something new. A gigantic boulder breaks down to the size of a stone, a pebble, gravel, sand and maybe even clay. From Rock's perspective, being eroded, cracked or crumbled is not a bad thing, it is a part of transformation.

Rock is a great teacher, skilled in the area of breaking down and transforming into something else.

BREAKDOWN Definitions:

1)decomposition into parts: a breaking down of something into its essential components or parts

2)personal health crisis: a sudden physical or psychological collapse

Humans break down as well. In each person's life there are times when one breaks down. Another aspect of a human breaking down is when one is called to embrace their spiritual and/or shamanic life. In many shamanic cultures there are stories of the initiate's health, mind, or emotions breaking down, making room for the new path to emerge, and offering the person an opportunity to heal him or herself (with the help of their Spirit World helpers). In order to become something new, our old patterns and elements must break down so our transformed self can emerge from the dust.

This circle will use the wisdom of rock to guide us into our own current, or past, areas of breaking down or disintegration. We will use the shamanic journey, and consult various forms of rock/sand/pebbles to assist our endeavor to find clarity, strength and joy in our own rites of spiritual transformation.

This circle is offered by requested sliding scale $5-$20. No one is turned away, and thank you for all donations.

Your guide is Quynn, shamanic practitioner and founder of the Institute for the Shamanic Arts. Quynn's shamanic calling completely broke down her old reality, and life, and rocks have taught her so much about being human. Find out more about Quynn at .