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Blended Spirit- The Third Gender...Shamanically Speaking

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Ones called to the Shamanic path are humans who access the worlds, they are bridges between realities, and balance there to access helpful knowledge for the Tribe. In the past this has meant that the Shamana her/himself often blended between the worlds of female and male in their societal gender roles ( For people who are reading this, those gender roles are in the process of blending for everyone, now more than in the past. Still, those who are called to shamanize are often somehow 'in between' the polarities of masculine and feminine energies, whether called "the Third Sex" or "Two Spirit" by different cultures, whether considered "gay" or "bi" or "straight" by society (sex and gender are not the same idea), there is a whole complex world of the Blended Spirit that is important to those called by the Spirit World to shamanize. This circle opens the conversation about the gender worlds in between, specifically in the realm of the Shamana.

Quynn will share examples from a variety of cultural descriptions about their shaman people as 'the third gender', to show the consistency, as well as the variety, of how this part of shamanic life can manifest itself in a person's life. Then the drum will take each person where they need to go to learn more about their personal relationship with their spirits within. Sharing is available, yet not mandatory. This circle is open to people with all levels of shamanic experience, yet please no 'observers'. All who attend are participants in their own personal experience.

There has been much judgement and persecution of shamanic people considered to be "third gender", so we will open the circle by honoring all wise people of the past who have not able to be their full selves and play their important roles (see what Malidoma Some says about this (, due to imposed religious restrictions and limiting beliefs.

As in all ISA circles, what is said in this circle stays in this circle. Also, just because one signs up for this circle, it does not indicate anything about you...except you want more information. If you do not feel that you want to rsvp, you can email me, or just arrive.

Your host is Quynn, shamanic practitioner and called "Oolah"- One Who Balances- by her Spirit World. Quynn will share aspects of her story in the circle. For more information about her, go to .

This circle is offered by Spirit Guided Donation. Thank you for all donations that support ISA!