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Finding the Lost Spark- A One-Woman Show

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A message from Quynn "I am very proud to present to you my mother, Sue Ellen (, and her one-woman show called "Finding the Lost Spark". This is the story of the women in my family, including me (yes, personal details of my past are revealed in this piece), through the perspective of the one who broke the cycle of unhappy women in my lineage. Shamanically speaking, it shows how a person healed her ancestral soul wounds, and how this helps her children heal theirs.

My mom presented her performance in the recent Fertile Ground Festival ( in Portland this winter, to very enthusiastic audiences. I am pleased that she wants to offer it in Tucson, for our community. This show is about mothers and daughters, especially for those who are mothers and daughters, and, it speaks to anyone with family. :) I invite you to join us for this inspiring event."

In her one-woman performance art piece, Sue Ellen’s exploration of five generations of mothers and daughters in her family is funny, heartwarming, tender, transformational and surprising. It will captivate you as she weaves stories and ideas together in extraordinary and entertaining ways. She intends to lead you to insights and understandings about your own family and your own life. As her stories let you into parts of her life and experience, they may touch the heart of your experience in your life and inspire you to look at your stories and those of your family in different ways.

Her performance speaks to women, men and youth of many ages, as we all share common experiences of family and cultural community. This performance may help you make inner connections that you might not have made before and may inspire you to find your own spark, no matter what. Watch her ride the waves of life’s trials, until she reaches creativity, liberation and healing. Join her on this journey. It will be fun! It will make you laugh. It might make you cry. It will make you think. It will touch your soul.

After the performance (1 hour long) there is the option to stay for a one hour circle that will give you a chance to bring forth how the performance touched you, and your own family story. We will explore your inner connections to this piece and the heart of your experience through a Shamanic Journey , Simple Art Making and Sharing Circle. Please join us. Bring your friends and family of all ages. A perfect event for a family oriented day.

Written and performed by Sue Ellen Liss Directed and Choreographed by Susan Banyas Choreography Consultant Lanie Bergin

Admission: $5 (No one turned away).

Sue Ellen holds a Masters Degree with an emphasis in Early Childhood Education and Counseling. She completed a three-year, post-graduate training in 2010 to earn a Diploma in Expressive Arts Therapy at the Expressive Arts Institute in San Diego. She also trained in the mind-body art forms of Everyday Dancing, Soul Stories, Performance Lab, as well as Action Theater, Hakomi Body-Centered Psychotherapy, and Shamanism.

Sue Ellen has worked with children and parents for thirty years as a Preschool and Elementary School Teacher, a Child Development Specialist/School Counselor, a Head Start Education Coordinator/Mental Health Consultant, and an Expressive Arts Therapist.