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November IT Meetup

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Hosted By
Felix S.


The starting time is 19:00 *

The November meetup will take place on the premises of the Salty Volt co-working space in Canggu. They kindly agreed to host our November Meetup.


The location is great: We will have a nice meeting room that easily fits 15 or more people and has a projector.

There will be water and softdrinks available.

The event itself will be free. You only have to pay for food and drinks.


Now that we have the location we need some presentations or demos! Please send me your suggestions. Don't be afraid - everybody in the group is very nice :-).

The plan is to have 2 or 3 talks with some questions and discussions in between. Please be there on time as the talks will start at 7 o'clock. After the talks we will go to the ecosfera restaurant nearby for some food and drinks.


• 19:00 Welcome + Introduction

• 19:05 1st Talk - Igor Kapkov - Introduction to Elixir programming language

• 19:30 2nd Talk - Marton Illes - PHP: The good? The bad? The ugly?
In this talk I would like to share my experience using the PHP language in one of our projects, the mistakes we made and the reasons why we are moving away from php as a programming language.

• 20:00 Food and drinks at the ecosfera restaurant

How to find it

It's very close to Echo Beach. On the right side, just before where you have to pay for the parking.
If you have trouble finding the place you can call
me: 08123 8310395
or SaltyVolt: 082237 662542

Looking forward to see you!

PS: The event will be held in english.

  • Apparently Meetups (Android) App and the Website have a different understanding of times and timezones and as a result show different starting times. Therefore I put the correct time in the description also.
Jalan Batu Mejan 88, Echo Beach · Canggu