Building Angular apps at scale + How Do I Make My Video Stream?

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We invite you to follow a great ITNEXT meetup, sharing insights and expand our knowledge.

Events Agenda
17:30 – Doors open. Food & Drinks provided 🥘 🍹
18:30 – Building Angular applications at scale by Önder Ceylan
19:00 – short break
19:15 – Stream, You Stream: How Do I Make My Video Stream? by Doug Sillars
19:45 – Laughing, networking and drinks until someone kicks us out!

**Building Angular applications at scale**
What’s the big deal with mono-repos? What are the advantages? We’re going to go through a mono-repo setup based on nx of nrwl. By adding multiple Angular, Testing and Library projects, we’ll demonstrate the scalable architecture of nx. On the second part of the talk, we’ll be discussing takeaways for the architecture, components, http, ngrx, performance, router, rxjs, tooling and typescript topics of a large Angular app based on the Angular checklist.

Biography Önder Ceylan
Önder is a Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies. He has been working on building web and mobile apps in various development ecosystems for the past 15 years. JavaScript and web has always been his passion and nowadays he enjoys it at it’s full while working as a JS Tech Lead at KLM via LINKIT.

**Stream, You Stream: How Do I Make My Video Stream?**
The use of video on the web and on mobile is growing. It is as easy as adding a , and you’re good to go. But, all the top video sites (YouTube, Netflix, Hulu) all stream their video. What do they know that we don’t know? Is streaming more efficient? Do I need any special equipment to create or serve video streams?
In this talk, we’ll learn the how to create and stream videos, weigh the pros and cons of streaming vs. static videos, and see how easy it is to get started delivering streaming content on the web or to a mobile app.
In this talk, we’ll look at the performance aspects of delivering video on the web, and how to improve the performance of video by using streaming instead of static videos.

Biography Doug Sillars
Doug is is a freelance mobile performance expert, having helped thousands of developers speed up their mobile apps and websites. A Google Developer Expert and the author of O’Reilly’s “High Performance Android Apps,” Doug regularly speaks at conferences, and blogs at He is currently working as a freelance digital nomad, traveling with his family in Europe.


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