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    Experienced IT professional with 10+ years of data science, analytics and management experience as well as 5+ years of project management/director experience. Enjoys teaching & helping people change their way of thinking about jobs & how to network.
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    Hello everyone, I have a Bachelors degree in information technology Management. I love technology and look forward to learning what you know.
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    Sysadmin, project manager, tech evangelist.
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    I am a IT Analyst at Bank of America. I work on storage solutions as a Project Manager. SAN, NAS, DAS and CAS.
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    Exploring the vast underbelly of technology.
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    Love working in the IT field for the past 20+ years! I am a Database Administrator working at Enterprise Integration.
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    My name is Ernesto Johnson. I am certified in Security+. I want to learn about alternatives to Windows products.
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    Sid enjoys powershell automation, certifications and talking in 3rd person.