Cocktail Time @ DRAGO CENTRO Downtown


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DRAGO Centro Cocktail time in Downtown LA has one of the Best Bar Menus in Los Angeles. We are going to indulge in their Fantastic Cocktails and their Generous Prices. They have a Large selection of Chef Celestino’s food favorites and Specialty Cocktails. Think of this as dinner and drinks at Great Prices. Oh, I almost forget to mention a little known secret of DRAGO Centro in Downtown. FREE VALET PARKING!!! for the first 4 hours

Black Murano glass chandeliers sprout from the ceiling. A glass wine tower divides the elegant bar from the beautiful dinning room, where the ceilings are vaulted and the white leather dining chairs are slip cover in linen. This is downtown elegance. This is going to be a great night!!!

White Wine

pinot grigio 8
rose' 8
vermentino 8

Red Wine

sangiovese 8
pinot noir 8

Specialty Cocktails

aperol spritz aperol 9
mayhem spritz 9
lime moscow mule 9
whisky sour 9

And a large selection of Chef Celestino’s Food Favorites

FREE VALET PARKING!!! for the first 4 hours. If you stay longer it's a $7 flat rate.

Ok here's how you find the valet parking. Valet parking is located at 525 South Flower Street at the City National Bank Plaza underground parking garage on level A. The underground parking garage is accessible on the right hand side as soon as you pass 5th Street, traveling South on Flower Street. Once you exit your vehicle, the elevator will take you directly to Drago Centro dining room ground level.