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"! ! i wanted to do that . . . just not alone ! ! !"
"! ! i wanted to do that . . . just not alone ! ! !"
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The Last Bookstore

453 S Spring St · Los Angeles, CA

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It's gonna be packed! So be there early to get a seat. We won't be able to sit a a group. Get there early to get a seat. You can find me over in the Record Albums section that is to the right when you enter. I'll be wearing a bright red cardigan.

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Congratulation on looking ahead on the calendar and fining the "secret" events that are not yet announced.

This event is posted but not "announced."

In some cases this is ready to announce. And it will be announced about one(1) month before the event date with finalized details.

It is still in progress of being "written up." And in others it is in need of something like an Event Host.

You are encouraged to RSVP now and you will get sure to get updates.
If you would like to host this event as the primary or as an additional Event Host . . . please message Mac and say you would like to Host.

First of all, . . . if you have never been The Last Bookstore ( it's an awesome place to go. A wonderland of books, and even books as objects elevated to art unto themselves.

This however is the monthly event on the third Friday of The Last Book Review.

Caitlin Bergh ( Moth, Hashtag Series)

Ever Mainard ( Comedy Festival, BITCH Magazine)


The show is free, . . . yes free. There is plenty of street parking , and if you don't find that there two reasonable paid, open-air parking lots nearby. The Metro Red/Purple Line stop, Pershing Square Station, is 2 blocks away.

I will either take the train there myself. Or I will carpool with any other scared or neurotic Valley folks. Don't worry. I have nebulized Xanax that comes out of the A/C vents.

What? That'snot good enough for ya? You still want to know more info?

“The Last Book Review at The Last Bookstore is an eclectic event series which blends music, comedy, and storytelling; transporting the audience into an exciting world of humorous discourse and creativity. Every other month, co-creators, producers, hosts, and performers Caitlin Bergh and Ever Mainard bring together six comedians and a music act. Five of the comedians perform an original, and often very personal, story, and one does a book review.”- Divulge Magazine

WTF!!! You say that's not enough either for you to decide? Oh, . . .In that case you forgot to click The Last Bookstore ( google images link that was above.

Ok, . . . I know you are skeptical. Don't worry. After the show you can walk down to Peddlers Creamery ( for the best f'ing ice cream.

I hear you, . . . you are saying that's too cold for you and you think you will be hungry . . .

There is Clifton's (likely to be packed), . . . but there is Nickel Diner ( instead with the Maple Bacon Donought, . . . and that's not event the best one. The Red Velvet, Strawberry Crumb, Nutella, or the Irish Car Bomb ( are even better.

Not looking for a sweet tooth? Then Cole's P&E ( with THE VARNISH will suit you for a bite or drink after The Last Book Review. The Garlic Fries will leave you in a scented cloud. But I'm gonna be there with The Reverse Book Club (

So here is my plan. Last Book Review. Then a bite directly across the street at The Little Easy ( I have not had the Debris Fries. That looks good. I will make reservations for if others say they will join for that.

But whatever the choice. . . . Make it to The Last Book Review!!!