THRONES THRONES THRONES {Free} Game Of Thrones No Cover Weekly Viewing Party GoT

This is a past event

87 people went


8911 Santa Monica Blvd · West Hollywood, CA

How to find us

The whole place will be the Meetup. Host will be at the door greeting and checking names off list.

Location image of event venue


There are Three Thrones in the title as this is Episode THREE of the final season.


It's building a denouement.

Appolgies for the complicated word. It's a complicated story though.

Denouement is the final part of a play, movie, or narrative in which the strands of the plot are drawn together and matters are explained or resolved. But we all know this already? Right?

Sure. There's still no harm is ramping up the tenor for the finale only a few episodes after!!!

The Season 8 Premier was epic. Last week's viewing, . . even on Easter was filled.

Great location. Great people!!!!

Let's talk logistics. The show premiers at 9PM EST and will be available at 6PM PST.

We will screen at 6:00 PM

3:00 PM Arrival and mingle (earlier the better). GoT playing starting at 4 to get in the mood.
6:00 PM to 7:15 PM Screening
7:15 to 7:30 Any Post-show teaser footage

No cover. No Minimum. No charge to enter.
We are a group of friends and this is our club.

Kitchen is open till 8PM. Of course Drinks available all night. $5 drinks from 5 to 7

If you have a buddy or partner or a whatever, just have them RSVP on the event.
No RSVP=Big Sadness . Need an RSVP to be on the guest list to get in.

The is not offered to general public, only for members of this group who are part of our circle of friends. There is no charge or fee to be part of this group, club, or circle of friends.

This is a Stigma Free Event.
Meaning this event has a No Plus One.
Individual Names needed for the Guest List.
Also: In this way everyone is coming on their own.
Come on your own and leave with friends.
Come with friends and leave with more friends.

Now let's talk about the venue:

We will mostly be in the back room (large and square, and normally a rave type place with monster speakers and sound . Has several larger tv screens and a screen (they use for The Oscars for example).

They have a "mezzanine" level that overlooks central back room. And all the screens visible. Seating up there too.

Sound: OMG does this place have sound!!!!

What about capacity?
They can have 800 there on a Sat night. We will not be that full.

What about seats?
There is going to be a assortment of seats. There will be some folding seats. There will be some club lounge type sets. There will be some padded bench type seats. There will be some high top bar table seats.


Rules about seats: There are no saved seats for friends. Meaning one person can not say this row or this seat next to me is saved.
First come. First served. Get there early!!! UNLESS YOU BRING A CAMP CHAIR. That you can save as yours. It must be a smaller one (no lounge chairs). So if you want a guaranteed seat . . . bring it.

At this time of day there will be plenty of street meter parking.
There is a lot located at 901 Hancock (this is east of the location on Santa Monica)
There is another at 625 N San Vicente Blvd (south of the location)
They do have Valet off the alley
Check Parkopedia, Parking Panda, SpotHero etc . . .
Or take an Uber. There is street parking and plenty of lots near.
For added fun . . .Park a few blocks down the go full hipster and ride a Lime or Byrd.

Park a 1/2 mile down and take uber is really a good plan too.

Happy Hour will be from All well and call drinks are $5 from 5 to 7PM
Kitchen open to 8PM

There will be weekly here for the season.
Season Finale will be here.
ALSO working on having a location in Santa Monica and one in Burbank.
Finale going to be HUGE and we will not fit in the one site. So spreading across town is good.

Questions? Problems? Issues?

We all have issues. Just give me the questions and problems.