Hollywood Bowl!! Appalachian Spring by Aaron Copland.. It's From C to Jazzy C!!!

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10 people going


Hollywood Bowl

2301 N Highland Ave · Los Angeles, CA

How to find us

Seating section is listed. See you there!!!

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This event will require you to get your own tickets. Get them early (now is good) or be sad.

Here is a link to the event

And this should be a good direct link to the tix

Seats are only about $8

I have purchased Section W2, Row 3 Seat 105
Pick a seat to the left, right, above or below.
In this way we will take over this corner.

This is where our Potluck Picnic will be too!!!

This is flat bench wood seating so it also makes a great table too.

Potluck Picnic Dinner at 7PM
Show starts at 8PM

Plan ahead for parking or transit. AND for the time it will take you to walk from your car all the way to our seats.. . at least 20 mins or more for that!!

About the show:

Aaron Copland’s "Appalachian Spring” captures the essence of an ideal America, one of open fields and endless possibilities. But when Copland began his Pulitzer Prize-winning ballet score in 1942, he couldn’t have foreseen that it would become one of the most inspiring and symbolic works of the century. In fact, he wasn’t even sure what the title would be.

Copland said, “The fate of pieces is really rather curious…you can’t always figure out in advance exactly what’s going to happen to them.” While Copland was aware that the ballet would deal with pioneering American themes, his working title was simply, “Ballet for Martha.”

Dancer Martha Graham had been commissioned to choreograph the ballet and danced the leading role. Copland readily admitted that the pastoral beauty of Appalachia wasn’t on his mind when he wrote the score: “I gave voice to that region without knowing I was giving voice to it.” Graham chose the title after Copland had written much of the score, though he said that her dance style must have evoked Appalachia. The music and dance were perfect complements; together they reflect youthful aspiration in the American heartland.

An emotional highpoint of the score is a melody based on a traditional Shaker song, “Simple Gifts.” We hear a chorus sing the original hymn that provided Copland his inspiration, then listen to Copland’s beautiful solo vocal and instrumental adaptations. Throughout the work, Copland brilliantly weaves melodies that evoke simplicity and the “earnest but good-natured piety” of Shaker culture. Composer John Adams discusses the Shaker influence on American culture and how Copland allowed that to shape the piece.

About Potluck and Drinkluck. Bring a dish and/or drink to eat and share.
What should I bring? Are there assignments? No. It is left up to the fates. Bring what makes you happy and that will make other people happy too!

I will bring plates, plasticware, napkins and a trash bag. So y'all don't have to worry about that.

About Parking and getting there?
All answers on this link
Take a park and ride shuttle for $7
Take a hollywood bowl shuttle for $6
Take and Uber or Lyft and get dropped at the door (different story going home)
Park in the lots.
OR the smartest one: Take the Metro Red Line to Hollywood Station and Shuttle, Uber, or Byrd or Lime Scooter from there.
Did you even bother reading the link above? Do it!!!

And for those who are still confused: Aaron Copland is NOT Stewart Copeland of The Police.

It's gonna be a fun and lovely show. I look forward to you joining all of us in some great culture and a fab place on a stunning California evening under the stars with music and friends.