El Dorado Jazz{Free}

"! ! i wanted to do that . . . just not alone ! ! !"
"! ! i wanted to do that . . . just not alone ! ! !"
Public group

The Continental Club

116 West 4th Street · Los Angeles

How to find us

Secret Password: "The Odd Eye Sees" We will have reserved tables. When those fill there is the rest of the place (it's big). Get there early to get the best space. Get there late to be fashionable but not able to be with the group

Location image of event venue


Event Post-poned.

Neeeds some edits.
This is a Stigma Free Event. Meaning this event has a No Plus One.
Individual Names needed for the Guest List.
Also: In this way everyone is coming on their own.
Come on your own and leave with friends.
Come with friends and leave with more friends.

If you have a buddy or partner or a whatever, just have them RSVP on the event. No RSVP=Big Sadness

The Continental Club inhabits a special place.

Mad Men meets James Bond.

It is kind of hidden from 4th Street. The entrance is at this very inconspicuous door deep down an alley. There is no signage or any hints that a jazz lounge exists at this address.

You will walk towards the alley, two very tall and strong men wearing suits and long coats are likely to stop you.

Men: where are you going ?

You: I hear there's a bar here somewhere. Do you know where it is?

Men: ID please.

The men will look at your ID like an airport TSA agent.

Men: *points finger towards inconspicuous door.*

You will open the door and surprisingly . . . there's nothing inside. Just a bunch of stairs going down.

You will hear some muffled music at this point (a good sign you are going in the right direction) . . . but nothing more.

You will head downstairs and reach another thick door. Past this door is a small corridor and finally your quest complete! You found the goddamned bar!!!

This establishment is a bit of a hodgepodge (in the best possible way).
It's a bar.
It's a lounge.
It's a club.
It's perfect!

The ambiance is elegant, chic and dark (light wise)... You will dig it big time.

Come out for some fab jazz in fab place with even better people.

And we have our own reserved area for some great live jazz

There will be drink specials from 9 to 11.

No cover

No minimum

Jazz starts at 8:00

Dress code: Dress in your best Mad Men style clothes. Think super dapper. A dapper Draper? Anything 40's to 70's Style will be fine. Anything Don Draper to Ron Burgundy. For the ladies? You have style! Nobody needs to tell you how to be sharp, classy or stylish.

Street parking
You want something more definite?

There is valet $10
Post in the comments about carpool. State if are offering to drive or only be driven or ok with either. State where starting from and time you can depart. Passenger(s) pay or split all gas and parking. Driver pays zero. It's a fair exchange that way.
Forget all that. Take The Metro!!!!!
Metro Rail Red/Purple stop is about 1000 feet away.