Baldy Three Ways

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This is going to be a fun one. We are going to do Mt. Baldy, the tallest peak in the San Gabriels and L.A. But as always, we are not doing things like regular, boring people do. Oh no, we are taking things to a new fun level and splitting into three groups and racing to the top!

- One group will be taking the lift to the notch and doing Devil's Backbone trail: 3.5 miles, 1,500 ft. elevation gain to the top. This is a moderately strenuous and very scenic hike.

- One group will be taking the ski hut trail: 5.5 miles, 4.300 elevation gain to the top. This is a very strenuous, great hike.

- And then, one crazy group will take the register ridge trail off of ski hut trail. The full hike to the top via register ridge is about 3.5 miles and 4,300 elevation gain, which is already very challenging. However, at the ridge turn out, you gain 2,600 feet of elevation gain in just 1.4 miles! That is not for kids, pregnant women or those with a heart condition (maybe mental condition, yes…).

We will all start at the same time and see who makes to the top first. The group that makes it to the top first will win a brand new Jeep Wrangler!

We will meet at Manker Flats and start the race promptly between 9:00 and 9:01. The Devil's Backbone trail will have to make their way up to the lift, buy tickets, and the lift up to the notch where they will start the hike. The other two groups will go up the fire/service road 1.1 miles to the beginning of the trail, and take the ski hut trail up. Register ridge starts off of ski hut trail, so we'll split at that point. At that point, the ski hut group will have about 4 miles and about 3,000 elevation gain to the top, while the mental, I mean register ridge group, will have about 2 miles and 3,000 feet elevation gain ahead of them. :-D. We will all meet at the top, have some coffee at the Starbucks up at the summit and then go back down via Devil's Backbone to have a beer and some food at the Top of the Notch Restaurant and Bar, and then take the lift down. Cool?


- At least three liters of water

- Snacks or whatever you need on the trail

- A fleece. It's often pretty chilly up on top, even if it's very hot down below.

- Money for the ski lift. 20.00 as of today.


From the 210 freeway, take the Mountain Ave. / Mount Baldy exit from either freeway, which is located in the city of Upland and head North towards the mountains. Mountain Ave. will turn into Mt Baldy Road. Keep following Baldy Rd. through Baldy Village, then through some very windy part with 7 crazy switchbacks and when the road splits (one side up, one side down) you are at Manker Flats. You will pass Snowcrest Inn to your left, Maker Flats Campground to your right, the snack bar to your right again (all very close), keep driving for a few hundred feet to where there is a sign saying "San Antonio Falls Road". Make a left U and that's where we'll be meeting. Approx. 14 Miles. When you are coming on the 210, there are a couple of other exits named Mountain Ave. Make sure to take the one that says Mountain Ave./Mt. Baldy. You will need an Adventure Pass to park.

See you all there,