Internet of Things: The security nightmare - Hype or a hacker's Dream?

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Full Address: Sensor City, 31 Russell St, Liverpool L3 5LJ

So the Internet of Things is safe right? All of the data collected from sensors, systems and even the images from your child's baby monitor are safe and secure right?...wrong.

The Internet of Things presents society with some amazing opportunities, changing the way we live, work, specialise and even shop, but there is a growing undertone of insecure devices and systems, with threats lurking in every corner as cyber thief's, hackers and even competitors are more than happy to exploit your open and accessible devices.

The lack of standards, control, accountability and value and respect of peoples data has created a wide range of insecure and open platforms, easily hackable and many without care or recourse to the victim...or it is all hype?

Join us on the 23rd November and you’ll discover the current and emerging threat from the Internet of Things, and how you can better protect yourself, business or even school.

By the end of this event, you should learn about:

• A walk through of some current devices in the market and viable threats to them, and what is /has been done to fix these

• The network security manager's nightmare, how to better manage these devices, contain them or adapt your security polices (like with bring your own device)

Places are limited, please book early!

All of IX Liverpool’s events are free to attend, all that we ask is that you enjoy them!

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Telecoms Cloud ( are generously sponsoring the pizza’s and beer so there'll be pizza and refreshments from 6:30pm, with the talks starting at 7(ish

23rd Nov Evening Schedule

18:00hrs - Doors open

18:30hrs - Pizza

19:00hrs - Intro and housekeeping (IX Liverpool Chair)

19:05 - Prof. Matt Wilson- Internet of Things: The security nightmare - Hype or a hacker's Dream?

20:30 - Networking until the beer runs out...