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Introduction to SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding) Class - Level 1

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Price: $55.00 /per person

Saxony Lake

13288 Pennington Rd. · Fishers, IN

How to find us

We will be on the west end of the swimming beach.

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Join Freedom Kayak Adventures (FKA) at Saxony Lake Beach for two hours of Fun & Education.

ACA Instructor Jason Baugh is offering this low-stress, relaxing introductory paddling course for the newbie or the experienced paddler that has never had formal training.


Introduction to SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding) Class - Level 1 Training (ITSL1)

As with our Intro to Kayaking, Introduction to SUP is the foundation of learning skills required to competently and safely enjoy SUP, Stand Up Paddleboarding.

You will learn efficient paddling techniques and the necessary strokes to maneuver your SUP in any direction. In this fun and easy way to get started SUP, you will learn about paddlesports safety, equipment, launching and landing. This class is suited for the beginner or those experienced and yet to undergo formal instruction.

Limited to 5 students. RSVP NOW to reserve your spot in the class.

Class Code: ITKL1 - Cost: $55.00* – Time: 2 hours – Limit 5 per class - Advance Registration Required & Appreciated.


It's best to learn on your own board, but if you need a SUP, PFD and paddle, they are included for the class. (Please let us know when you answer the RSVP questions.) In case of inclement weather, we will attempt to notify registered participants of class postponement, but sometimes we won't know until shortly before the event. Please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to class time so you have time to go over your Student Packet and allow us to get you outfitted with gear for the class. This class is limited, so if you RSVP Yes for the class and have an emergency that will not allow you to attend, please update and let us know so that students on the waiting list can plan accordingly to attend. WHAT THEY'RE SAYING - FKA CLASS REVIEWS

"Jason, absolutely low-key and quickly put everyone at ease, explained and demonstrated every tactic and maneuver. From there he explained and demonstrated everything, and ensuring we all understood prior to turning us loose. I would definitely take another class you might present. An excellent instructor!" - C.C. "It was a lot of fun...and I learned a lot. I'm looking forward to improving my paddling skills, and getting on the water with some paddling friends. Thanks, Jason for being so patient! You are a terrific instructor! I'm looking forward to more classes" - T.N. "Excellent stuff by Jason... Thanks for the much needed class. Did self rescue a couple of times & loved it." -A.C. "The class was so helpful for building my confidence. Thanks for teaching and encouragement." - V. V. "Great way to learn some safety for water enjoyment with kayakers.! Thanks, Jason. Great job today." - J. F. ABOUT YOUR INSTRUCTOR

Jason Baugh - ACA Certified Lead Instructor, Guide, Coach – IYAK Event Organizer

For Jason, having a passion for paddling is an understatement, as an enthusiastic paddler that never passes on a chance to discuss everything about kayaking .

He accelerated his paddlesport career by becoming a Certified Instructor by the American Canoe Association (ACA) in Coastal Sea Kayaking disciplines, teaches SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding) and is currently working toward his Indiana Master Naturalist and Wilderness First Aid Certifications.

He loves spending time on the water in a kayak or on a SUP, leading tours, teaching.

Jason develops innovative programs, clinics and instructional programs for groups and individuals, with a diversity of styles, techniques and philosophical approaches.

He serves as the Race Director for the Fall Fling Paddlesport Races at Geist Lake and when outside of Indiana, he enjoys Sea Kayaking in Southwest Florida and the Everglades.

When not kayaking, Jason enjoys cycling, running and rehabbing distressed houses.

“As kayaking is a major part of my life, it makes sense to pay it forward to others and enjoy seeing people challenge their fears and gain a positive experience on the water.”

Suggested items to bring: Wide brimmed hat, sun block, hand sanitizer, sunglasses, water, towel, change of clothes, water shoes, bug spray, drybags, Ziplock bags, a sense of adventure, and a good dose of humor.
For clothing try to use something other than cotton, especially if the weather is cool. Polypropylene or polyester are good choices since neither holds water and they wick moisture away from you.

Here is the Google Maps link for Saxony Lake:

For more information call Jason at (765)[masked].

You may bring your own SUP or use a SUP from Freedom Kayak Adventures.

When you RSVP please answer ALL of the questions.


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