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In this group we aim to reformulate and unify all knowledge, including ontological mathematics, cosmic evolution, the universal dialectic and ethics into a coherent framework. Since, by definition, existence cannot come from non-existence, an accurate understanding of reality itself requires the acceptance of an “Arche”, an eternal and fundamental basis of reality in a constant state of becoming. Aristotle postulated such reality as a conversion of potential into actuality in an all-encompassing process termed “Entelechy”. This perspective allows for a pivotal understanding of life, intelligence and the divine as evolutionary events occurring along a continuum. God is traditionally viewed as the pinnacle of intelligence, power, and complexity, but existence cannot begin with such qualities. Rather, the universe evolves in complexity over time: it was not created by God, but is God in potentia. Thus we can propose a unification of science and religion in which a creator God is a logical impossibility, but God as the end-product of cosmic evolution is logical. The Universe is converting infinite potential into maximum actualization; and we are participants in the entire process, which is perhaps the ultimate meaning of life.

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