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Love who you are. Live from your WHY.

Ignite HER Life is a faith-based coaching and events platform with an emphasis on loving and serving women well. Through a combination of self-love coaching and practical tools, we help you get out of your own way and pursue a life of meaning and purpose. IHL offers free group life coaching in a safe, welcoming space through our meetup group. We also host beautiful, intimate gatherings for women, online courses, and one-on-one coaching. Our mission is to rekindle the desires and dreams we too often lay aside with the worries of life, the pursuit of a career, or meeting the demands of marriage and motherhood.

Reconnect your inner "She" with the desires of her heart. She is waiting for you.

Meet Our Coaches:

Chiletta Marie is a Certified Growth Coach, Certified Life Coach, and a Corporate Trainer with over 25 years of experience in helping individuals and teams gain clarity, leverage technology, and position themselves for success. As the founder of Ignite HER Life, Chiletta's passion is to help women reclaim their sense of self, renew their purpose and reignite their passions. She brings that same insight into the workplace to strengthen teams, build leadership and empower growth. Chiletta’s experience encompasses Marketing, Leadership, Arts, Training & Development, Project Management, and Sales. She serves as the Director of Creative Development & Client Services for a national healthcare company, and the Production Manager for a Charlotte, NC-based theatre company. Her strengths include ideation, communication, problem-solving, and processes. Chiletta is an award-winning writer, notable speaker, and seasoned stage performer.


Terri Hansley is the Owner and Broker-in-Charge of Hansley Realty, a Charlotte-based boutique real estate firm. Terri holds a Master’s Degree in Business Management and a Bachelor’s in Marketing, not to mention, an extensive background in leadership, sales, and fashion design. Among her many accomplishments, she was also a buyer for Bloomingdales for both designer women’s apparel and men’s accessories. For many years, Terri has been called on to help grow, encourage and uplift women. This, coupled with her desire to help women live purposeful, joy-filled lives, and her Passion for Fashion – is what connected her and Chiletta Marie and formed a sisterhood. As a partner in this amazing organization, God has shown Terri how He will use this mission to reconnect, rewire and repair the lives of the women of God.

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