What we're about

This group was established to provide workshops and retreats in the areas of love, sex and money and more. Our offerings typically involve interactive and engaging exercises, where you'll see the many commonalities in your challenges which naturally softens resistance and opens the door to creating opportunities for living more passionately and authentically.

Especially because we've all encountered a lot of negative conditioning when it comes to these areas of life and as long as we keep these parts of ourselves hidden we're bypassing many of our talents and gifts. By moving through the dark and stepping into the light, we're able to heal ourselves to the point where we are living more courageously and authentically than ever before.

Transform your body, mind and spirit starting from the root and sacral (lower) chakras and you'll find yourself tapping into the Divine creative energy that flows through everything -- which cannot help but cause you to BE more creative and FEEL more loving to yourself and others.

Past events (3)

Raise Your Financial Ceiling - Saturday, May 19th

Sierra Pines Professional Plaza

Raise Your Financial Ceiling - Tuesday, May 15th

Awaken Network Reno (former Diamond Heart Location)

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