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Igniting Sacred Sensuality

Too often, we put our sensuality, our intimacy, and our sex lives on the back burner as the demands of every day life distract us. Before we know it, we are distant and estranged from our partners, ourselves, and the Divine essence of who we are.

Igniting Sacred Sensuality workshops, & weekend and weeklong destination retreats are designed to help you recommit, reconnect, and deepen your relationship to your partner, yourself, and to the Divine Source within you.

​In Igniting Sacred Sexuality workshops, you will explore a radical mind-shift about sexuality and intimacy. When we invite the sacred into our sex lives, we increase our intimacy with our partners and expand our capacity for sensual connection, pleasure, and pure joy!

Ignite workshops provide a safe, supportive, and fun environment (no nudity or sexual touch involved) helping you experience a new and radical understanding of sexuality which will deepen your relationship with yourself, your partner, and the Divine.
-Learn 5 amazing tools to foster deeper intimacy with your partner
-Revitalize and re-energize your relationship with "homeplay" assignments
-Increase satisfaction and pleasure through simple Tantric exercises
-Learn the 5 unconscious "wet blankets" that put out the fire of desire
-Bring joy and pleasure and passion back into the bedroom

Taught by Kevin Spath and Cat Guthrie
Kevin Spath is currently a holistic psychotherapist at The Center for Health and Healing in Mount Kisco, NY. His Master's Degree in Pastoral Counseling and 30 years of experience have given him compassion, an incredible presence, and the profound gift of listening and counseling skills.

A student and teacher of music, yoga, and sexuality for over twenty years, Cat Guthrie's life purpose and passion is to help other's manifest joy in their lives. She is the creator of “Yogasm, a Playshop For Women” which teaches women to be more responsive using movement, breath, and sound. Cat loves her life's work, leading ecstatic Sacred Chanting, directing community choirs, and helping people find the joy of intimacy.

Together, Cat and Kevin bring a yin and yang approach to teaching. With Kevin's grounding presence and Cat's joyful exuberance, they invite the couple's who study wth them to open to greater ease, a deeper connection, and sexual expansion. They lead their workshops with humor, joy, acceptance, and love.

Feedback from our past workshop participants:
"We cannot thank you enough for your openness and the safe and beautiful environment for us with the Ignite workshop. We learned so much from you both. I realized how guarded I am in my relationship and after the workshop so much has changed for both of us. I feel more confident and relaxed. We have a much closer and more intimate relationship. We have ways to communicate better about our needs and wants. We are more open to trying new things and keeping the relationship fresh and more importantly putting the intimacy first and making special time for the closeness.
It was a first for me to be in a workshop like this. Always good to step out of my comfort zone to try something new. This was more than worth it.
I look forward to future workshops with you when possible.
Thank you"
Debbie and Paul
"Cat and Kevin are a powerful duo leading the couple workshop “Ignite Sacred Sensuality” . They create a safe space and an open environment for learning
and sharing. Their own personal sharing and openness (they are a couple) added to our experience. The group was mixed age wise as well as where they
were in their relationship (some where married for many years, others were dating or living together) and we all seemed to benefit.
After doing this workshop and learning new ways to look at and new tools to experiment with (in between the group sessions), my husband and I have increased our intimacy which was already at a high level. We are continuing to use some of these tools after completing the workshop. I would highly recommend this workshop."
"I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to be part of this workshop. As it is not an easy topic to talk about, Cat and Kevin made everyone feel so welcome and little by little everyone was so comfortable sharing the reasons why we were all there. It turns out that we all can identify with everyone's reason to want to take this workshop. We all need to talk about sex as we are talking about delicious food as nourishment for the body. Sex is nourishment for the body and soul!.
Cat and Kevin have such a beautiful connection and their energies complement each other very nicely during the delivery of the workshop. They facilitated all the material with enthusiasm, sincerity, generosity, love and sense of humor. It was a very enriching experience to get to know couples of all ages needing to talk openly about this topic.
I would love to take more workshops delivered by Cat and Kevin."
G and J, White Plains, NY

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