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Let's workout as we learn martial arts!
No matter what shape you're in, work out with us in this fun fitness and fighting class. We use the techniques of Eagle Claw Kung Fu and combine them with music and motion. The result is a class that gives you a great workout, but with real techniques and concepts you can use. We work with pads, practice self-defense combinations, fight with foam bats, and generally have fun as we sweat. Our goal? To connect our mind and bodies through a martial arts workout designed to help you get in shape and stay in shape. The class includes a warmup, kungfu techniques, and pair self-defense. Without pressure or judgement, we focus on getting the body to enjoy moving and interacting. For those with a real interest in martial arts, we can even work on classic kung fu forms — you determine the level, I help you get in shape. This class is meant to open the door to martial arts, and offer a work out where you actually learn something. We'll be meeting every Wednesday, same time, same place. Contribution of $20 for this class. • Learn more about us at or visit us at Facebook, at North Sky Kung Fu ( We have lots of different classes.

North Sky Kung Fu

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This class is for everyone who has ever said, "I gotta to get in shape" (or "stay in shape") and has an interest in martial arts. If you've been planning to learn martial arts, I'd like to help you get going. This Meetup is a beginning Kung Fu class, with great music. Kung Fu engages the mind as well as the body and that's the secret to sticking with it. You'll learn really useful self-defense techniques and basic martial arts techniques, and we'll practice our fighting moves. I want to share what I've learned in 25 years of Kung Fu practice, with people who really want to get healthy on every level. If you want to learn something fascinating while you exercise — Shaolin Eagle Claw Kung Fu — this Meetup is for you.

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