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So much of modern society is built upon a house of cards, made up of faulty assumptions and poor reasoning skills. In some ways it seems that society encourages this cycle, even feeds it with additional layers of conditioning, fear, inadequacy, and prejudice. Many seek refuge in religion, only to discover a new layer of the same elements - more control, domination, and poor reasoning. Some leave religion and seek truth in less organized groups like the New Age movement, only to find the same traps and downfalls, with even muddier waters of belief and dogma, of conspiracy theories and channeled messages. More often than not, these elements are nothing more than delusion masquerading as truth.

But there are some of us who choose to hold to critical thinking as a light in this darkness. We have applied the tools of logic and rational thinking to our world, and discovered that much of it is made of illusion and assumptions. We discover that a good portion of the masses appear almost asleep, unable to see how every facet of society is geared towards consumerism and convenience, towards disposable society and watered-down truth and values. So we gather together, we the free thinkers of our generation. We recognize the power of like-minds coming together, so we seek each other out. We carefully cultivate healthy friendships in a group, using our like-mindedness to encourage each other, support each other, and to keep each other awake in this sea of sleepers.

This group is an idea. The idea is that together we can sort through the madness our world has become. That together we can get a clearer vision of what is happening to the world around us, and what our role and purpose is. We are more than the sum of our parts.

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