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What we’re about

                                                                         Illinois MUFON Meetup Group


Illinois MUFON Meetup Group is comprised of individuals interested in the subject of UFOs/UAPs and related subjects.

This Meetup group is designated for members of MUFON, the Mutual UFO Network of Illinois,their family and friends. If you are not a MUFON
member please become one by going to:

Mutual UFO Network, MUFON International Inc..  (OFFICIAL WEBSITE)

MUFON History:
Founded in Quincy, Illinois back in August of 1969 as "the Midwest UFO Network" whose membership was mainly located in Missouri, Illinois and Wisconsin. It wasn't long before membership had grown well outside the scope of the Midwest. The name was change to reflect its growing scope of operation and membership.
MUFON International details can be found at Please become a Subscriber Member you'll receive a monthly journal packed with valuable information putting you in the know on UFO related news and research. You may also want to become a MUFON Field Investigator furthering your quest on this most interesting subject. There is also a need for consultants and experts in both science and technology who may be interested in volunteering their time and talents.
Either way your support is both appreciated and needed find more information at

Illinois MUFON:
As a State Chapter we aim to assist in fulfilling the mission of MUFON : "The Scientific Investigation of the UFO phenomena for the Benefit of Humanity". We accommodate that quest locally mainly through such activities as Meetups, informational presentation and evaluating reports submitted  to MUFON by our trained voluntary field investigators.
Illinois MUFON with other local chapters offer quarterly meetings & presentations which will be announced on the site as well as being emailed to our meetup members.

NOTE:Make sure to request to join our Meetup group to assure you'll receive automatic emails regarding these and other activities that may be of interest to you. You will find the request to join RED BUTTON on this page. Make sure to click the email request.

When responding to the member request please identify yourself by your actual name then answer the questions listed.

Most individuals who are MUFON Members, family or their friends are approved though it may take a week or so.

If an individual remains inactive (does not attend a meeting) they will be removed from the membership roll.

Since COVID has remained an issue to some degree we have limited in person meeting and currently only holding Zoom Meeting.

Other relevant information may be found on our website at either:         

Thank You,

Sam Maranto, State Director (Host)                                                                                                                             Roger Laurella, Assistant State Director (Co-Host)                                                                                                  
Illinois MUFON  - P.O.Box 2105, Orland Park, IL 60462  -  (708) 460-7606 -